PM Essence

Reflections – Poetically Speaking

By – Namita Gupta, PMP, PMI-ACP

This morning as I got up, I look at the watch, Am I late today sunrise meeting might have start;

I recollect myself and give it a thought, conference is over and we are all back;

The memories are so fresh, appreciations are still flowing, looking at mails and text, make me smile and glowing;

last three days were so perfect so hectic still soothing, Inner strength was asking everyone to keep the ball rolling;

Each day started with fun, enthu and boost, sunset meeting was satisfying to go back and roost;

guidance from seniors and innovation from young, Fusion was so perfect, so the company to be among;

Days were passing fast one after another, we were a family with no name like sister brother;

Now when I look back, there are lessons learned in this lap We witnessed and gained one more feature in our cap;

Let’s enjoy this moment with a pledge to do even more, Let’s be united and make a strong chapter core;

This is just the beginning for new entries like me, I will try my best “the Chapter” to always there for thee;