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Capt. L. N. Prasad, PMI Bangalore India Chapter
PM Footprints: In February two PM Footprints sessions were conducted. On 05th February 2015, the topic for the session was “Eliminating Sexual Harassment at Work Place”. Dr. Ali Khwaja, Behavioural Scientist and Independent Consultant, from Banjara Academy Spoke to the audience. The focus of the talk was on how “Basic Life Skills in relationship building and Managing of Emotions are less nurtured in today’s corporate culture”, and the need for Organizations being sensitive to gender culture is a significant step towards building a Harmonious working environment and growth.. mrbhaskar
mrbhaskar On 19th February 2015, the topic of the session was “Stakeholder Charter – A shining Armour in PM’s Arsenal”. Mr. L.N. Mishra, Co-founder and COO, Adaptive Process Consulting Pvt. Ltd. spoke on the topic. He brought out the importance of Stakeholder management and its relation to the success of every project. Speaking from his own experiences he brought out various Technique’s that could be used for better Stakeholder management.
Agile Foundation Program: This program workshop was on 28th February 2015, which focuses on basics of Agile concepts and learn by doing with lots of activities. 18 members participated from various industries.