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If there was anything that generated intense discussion and debate during last month, it was arguably the issue of “Net Neutrality”. The term “Net Neutrality” coined by Columbia University professor Tim Wu in 2003, is the principle that mobile operators, internet service providers (ISP), and governments should not discriminate on data access on the internet.
A service provider, for instance, should not offer a higher access speed to a website on the basis of a higher payment by that website. Airtel had recently announced the launch of Airtel Zero, a service that allows businesses to pay it money and allow customers free access to it. Flipkart initially opted for it but soon decided to opt out of the Airtel Zero program. This was met with much celebration on social media and it was a victory for the people pitching their voices through #SaveTheInternet campaign. Net Neutrality is an urgent issue. Telco’s argue that they need to whip up alternate revenue streams as services like WhatsApp are cutting into their SMS revenue. They also argue that over the top (OTT) services like YouTube, Facebook are free-riders, and using their network but not paying for it. Consumer or user of internet services argue, that ISP’s should not treat different applications and content in different ways. Letting them treat differently is like letting the taxi driver charge you more if you are going to a restaurant than if you are going to any other place which is located at the same distance. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is yet to frame a consistent policy that address the needs of various stakeholders on the issue of Net Neutrality. Since we (as individual PMs) cannot change it, we can do well by trying to understand how our social and regulatory context is changing with time and how it would impact the way we manage ourselves and our projects. We as PMs need to always explore what are the best innovative solutions under the given context that should be adopted to deliver the maximized value to our stakeholders. I will be delighted if you can share your thoughts on the issue of Net Neutrality with us.
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