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Editor’s Note
SoumenDe Dear Friends,

Publishing the PMPC edition of PM Essence was a very challenging and yet a fulfilling experience. We were able to deliver the PM Essence on the final day of the PMPC conference to ensure that participants had copy of the newsletter along with the key takeaways from the conference. If you recall, on Day 1 of the conference, we had the unscheduled BMTC strike among a plethora of challenges that we faced when things did not go as planned.

However, we were able to launch our planned responses and work arounds to make sure that the conference deliverables were not impacted. On another note, I had the good fortune of travelling to Chennai to attend the PM Leadership meeting where I met leaders from different Chapters from the region. I had an opportunity to learn best practices from other PMI chapters. One of the things that I learnt was that every chapter publishes a newsletter highlighting Chapter events but with different periodicity and content. However, the common thread across all communication was the passion and contribution from YOU – members and volunteers. Volunteers determine and steer the content generation process. The sole sustenance of this newsletter is to share quality PM related articles contributed by the PM community. I would love to get your inputs to develop rich material and take Essence to the next level. If we look around, there is a wealth of PM knowledge waiting to be tapped and this comes from some of the projects that have made an impact in our community and nation. For instance, the Aadhar project is now being piloted in our country. It would be great if you can take time off to research the Aadhar reports and share some of the project management principles used in this mega project.

Looking forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP
Editorial Board
Murali Santhanam, PMP
Soumen De, PMP
Sowmya Moni, PMP
S.S.V. Raghavan, PMP