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Dear Friends,
Greetings from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!
During a recent presentation to students in one business school, I asked how many people would like to work on “operations”; very few hands went up. When I asked, how many would like to work on “projects”, majority of the hands went up with their murmur rising to a crescendo.

We, as Project Managers (PM) know, “project” produces something “unique” in a time bound way, but it is the successful “operations” that makes the impact timeless. The “new” PM Essence journey, which began in 2012, has helped the Essence team to realize the importance of “operations” in the truest sense. Sample this, every month, we need to make sure articles and PM cartoon are available in the correct size and format, next we need to ensure it is put into the design layout, proceed to proof read, print, publish and then distribute it. Given the fact that we all are putting our “voluntary” efforts, with a day’s job to take care of, shows the importance of having a robust “operational process”. Of course, we do identify project opportunities to bring new features to this magazine but a robust “operations” has ensured we are not blown by circumstances but rather guided by design. As we saw, learning never stops, and we can always learn important concepts from looking around in our daily lives outside our regular work. Association with Essence allowed us to appreciate the concepts of the Project Management in daily events. In last few editions, I had highlighted the topics of Dhoni’s leadership style (Mar 2015), Professional attire and productivity (Jun 2015), Conflict of Interest (July 2015) and importance of Credibility (Aug 2015) through this column. They are available in Essence archives on our Chapter website. As attention span gets under increased pressure, thanks to ubiquitous access to instant chats and social media, writing can be good mechanism to unwind and regain focus. Writing process, crystallizes our thought process, bridges the conscious and unconscious mind and stamps our authority on the topic. Essence is a platform for you to share your crystallized thought with us. Each one of you, irrespective of whether you are a PMI member or not, are welcome to share your thoughts and knowledge with us. Essence team will be always eager to interact with you to take your ideas to our readers. It is the interest and appreciation of this magazine from you that stokes our intrinsic motivation and propels us to put forth our best effort. Please take a moment to hear experiences of two senior editors in this magazine. On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to thank you for your continued patronage of Essence and hope you will like this Special Edition of Essence.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP
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