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Your Opportunity to take Leadership Position in PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board
PMI Bangalore India Chapter recognizes the vital role the Nomination Committee (NC) can play in identifying and recommending the best candidates for the vacant post of Vice President to be part of the Chapter Board. It is in this context, the Chapter Board has recently selected 5 seasoned professionals with diverse background to form this year’s Nominating Committee. They will be steering the Chapter Board Elections for 2015.
The Chapter needs experienced and passionate professionals like YOU to spread the enthusiasm and help us reach greater levels of adoption and professionalism in Project Management in Karnataka.
We encourage YOU to tap this opportunity and nominate yourself for the open Board positions. The NC will soon invite applications from eligible Chapter members for elections to fill the existing vacancy in the Chapter Board. Those members interested to file their nominations may visit Chapter’s website in the week beginning 9th March 2015 for further details and wait for further communications.

One More Reason to Renew Chapter Membership Now
The Economic Exception Pilot Program launched by PMI in 2012 allows PMI Members in India to renew their membership at a reduced cost of US$65. This was done to study whether this will address the issue of lower membership renewals from developing countries like India. After three years of existence, PMI is reviewing the effectiveness of the program. In the meanwhile PMI decided to extend the Economic Exception Program till December 2015 by which time PMI will complete the review and take decisions. We request all PMI Members to renew PMI and Chapter Membership and be proudly associated with the leading Project Management community in the world. This will help the program to be extended and will benefit everyone. Apart from a host of benefits to renew your Chapter membership, here is one more reason to renew/join the Chapter membership.

Article Contribution
This monthly newsletter is a forum where everyone can contribute through articles on Project Management and related topics. You can also claim PDUs for your contribution under category D (Creating new project management knowledge). Additionally it helps you in improving your writing skills. Use this opportunity and excel in the field of Project Management.
You can send your Articles or route your queries to
Please note that you do not need to be a PMI or Chapter member to contribute articles for Essence and participate in monthly slogan competition. All are welcome.