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– Capt. L. N. Prasad,
   PMI Bangalore India Chapter
aug2013 chapnews
PM Footprints: During the month of July total three Footprints were held.
On 3rd July 2014, Mr. Akshat Agarwal,Senior Viable Vision Expert, Goldratt Consulting India Pvt. Ltd spoke on the topic “Maximizing Throughput in Projects the Theory of Constraints Way”. Mr. Agarwal is specialist in Theory of Constraints (TOC) implementation in Manufacturing & Multi-Projects environment. Audience got to understand what is TOC and how to handle TOC challenges.
On 17th July 2014 Mr. Vishweshwar Hegde, Partner PM Consulting, spoke on the topic “New Paradigms for Knowledge Era”. Mr. Hegde has immense expertise of 28 years in IT industry and his session helped audience to understand about paradigm shifts in management and leadership. Audience enjoyed realizing that the faster we adopt future needs, quicker we adapt to current Knowledge Era.
aug2013 chapnews
aug2013 chapnews
On 31st July 2014 Mr. Ajit Kaikini, Director, Growth and Corporate Training, Buoyancee,- A Poly Training Centre Spoke on the topic of “Managing Mind sets of those around Helps manage” The talks were well attended. Nearly 55 members attended every talk. 
Champions Meet:  On 12th July 2014, Chapter organized a meeting with all the PMI Champions from various Organizations at its office. The Chapter Board members were also present. The invitees were given a brief presentation on the Chapter activities and the key areas where the Champions help was needed to Propagate PMI and Its various activities. The meeting was attended by Eight Champions.

PM Enrich:
On 05th July 2014, A workshop on Requirements Engineering was conducted by Mr. Suresh Thiagarajan. Nearly 20 members participated in the work shop. This workshop unlighted the participants to move from requirement “Management” to requirement “Engineering” and also from “Documenting” requirements to “eliciting” requirements. It was a very useful workshop and true to its title.
Agile Foundation Program: On 26th July 2014 the chapter successfully held a one day Agile foundation program at Royal Orchid Central Hotel, Manipal Centre. This event provides opportunity to learn about Agile Project Management and how you can apply that at your workplace.