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– Capt. L. N. Prasad,
   PMI Bangalore India Chapter
aug2013 chapnews ACP Quest: The First Agile certification 21 hrs. contact program was held by the Chapter at Dhi Learning Centre Bangalore from 12th July 2013 for three days. A total of 12 participants actively participated in the three day contact program. ACP Quest, the second new program launched by the Chapter in this year. To recap, another very popular program PM Enrich, was launched by the Chapter in March of this year. The feed back from the ACP participants indicate that the training was highly focused and interesting with various games and activities which formed part of the training.
PM Footprints: This month the PM Footprints session was held on 4th and 18th July at Hotel Royal Orchid Manipal Centre.

On 4th July Mr Arjun Rao Chavala spoke on the best practices in Risk Management. He highlighted the importance and need for close monitoring of risks during all stages of a project. He talked on the various tools and techniques available to the Project Managers for effective Project Management.

aug2013 chapnews
aug2013 chapnews The  On 18th July 2013 Cdr K. Vijay Kumar spoke on the topic “People Management Skills for the Project Managers”. He reinforced that Team members are the most important part of the project. Hence any Project Manager who is able to get the best from his/her team always stands to win. Cdr Vijay Kumar spoke on the various aspect of People Management.

Both the presentations were well received by the enthused participants.

PM Enrich:
The third edition of the PM Enrich was held on 27 July 2013. Mr. Binood Maliel a PMP and an International trainer and an executive coach Conducted the one day work shop on the topic, “STAKE HOLDER MANAGEMENT THROUGH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE”. The program was a great success. A total of 29 Participants from various organizations participated in the program.
aug2013 chapnews