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Q. This is a technique for accommodating the concern of other people and this may not always lead to a win-win situation.? 

A. Smoothing is a conflict management technique and recommends accommodating the concerns of other people first of all, rather than one’s own concerns. Smoothing is also known as accommodating. Example of smoothing is when it is important to provide a temporary relief from the conflict or buy time until you are in a better position to respond/push back or when the issue is not as important to you as it is to the other person. Advantages of smoothing is in some cases smoothing will help to protect more important interests while giving up on some less important ones. Also smoothing gives an opportunity to reassess the situation from a different angle. However there is a risk of it getting abused, i.e. the opponent may constantly try to take advantage of your tendency toward smoothing/accommodating. Therefore it is important to keep the right balance and this requires some skill.

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