The Foot prints Sessions of General Project Management and E&C will be conducted jointly from this month onwards on Second Saturday of every month at the same Venue (i.e Hotel Royal Orchid Central, Dickenson Road, Manipal Center Bengaluru).


PM Essence

In pursuit of excellence to provide value added service to our members, Chapter is pleased to organize two special sessions for the participants of PMPC 2013. Special Programs are available only for Early Bird Registrations. At the time of registration, the participant can select the program to attend, provided seats are available. Please note that PMPC early bird registration offer will be valid till August 9, 2013.

The programs are:
(i) The “Deeper Issues” that Hurt Leadership, Collaboration and Project Management and
(ii) Enterprise Project Portfolio Management: Driving business transformation success. These programs are scheduled on 12th Sept 2013 from 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Interested delegates may register for either of the programs without any additional cost and earn 4 additional PDUs. Since seats are limited, registration is on a first come first served basis. For details visit Chapter Website or contact the Chapter officials.

“Deeper Issues” that Hurt Leadership, Collaboration & Project Management

Everyone knows that there is something deeper than behavior that matters a lot. Some call it motivation, others call it character, and many call it attitude. Everyone knows that when this deeper thing, whatever it is, is off in some way—when one’s attitude is poor, for example—this deep deficiency undercuts personal integrity, hurts teamwork, collaboration, project management and diminishes performance. The trouble is that most people lack clarity about what this deeper thing is and how to change it. But what if these deeper matters could be managed concretely? What if these issues have seemed mystical and soft only because we have lacked a language that equips us to accurately perceive and address these deeper matters? This 4 hour session clarifies the deeper issue and answers the fundamental questions to optimize collaboration and outcomes in projects despite the constraints one faces. Key Takeaways – Participants learn, apply and leave with a robust framework and tools to heighten their awareness and nurture and embed practices that strengthen collaboration and optimize project results.

This will be presented by: Mr. Senthiyl S S G & Mr Shankar Thayumanavan, Arbinger Singapore

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management: Driving business transformation success

Oracle Primavera will discuss the challenges facing executives, leaders and project practitioners responsible for driving enterprise strategy, execution of corporate initiatives and management of the project portfolio. Demonstrations will show how executives and users alike can benefit from EPPM solutions to easily review and gain insight into all aspects of their project portfolio. Therefore enabling senior leaders and managers to better manage and address the growing demands of complex, risky large-scale projects and gain a clearer insights to make better informed business decisions. As well as presenting the Primavera solution road-map, the program will cover case studies that will highlight the business benefits project management solutions have delivered. It will also touch on some of the best practices being implemented.

Finally the program will discuss how companies are utilising project portfolio management solutions to improve financial discipline, increase operational efficiencies and proactively identify and mitigate risk in order to enable the successful execution of their projects.

This will be presented by: Mr. Vijay Govekar, Oracle Primavera.