PM Essence
Would you like to become the best Investor of “TIME”?
– Soumen De, PMP

We must have heard about the popular classification of resources known as the four M’s (Man, Money, Material and Machinery) that transform inputs to desired outputs in a lean manufacturing system. Project Managers like us would love to add a few more Ms- Methods (or processes), Management and Measurements to help us get desired results from our projects. But I would argue that one of the most important resources that we all utilize is “TIME”. From simple school project work we do to help our kids complete it in time (Mostly it is the parents who have to do it, right?) to complex business transformation projects at our work, all needs investment of our “TIME”. . 


We need to again invest “TIME” for our hobbies, recreation, family, friends, meditation, and the list can go on and on. I would argue “TIME” is the only resource available to us that we cannot store, when we are not using it. Everybody, from the busiest CEO for whom every minute matters, to the lovelorn couples for whom hours do not matter at all – All are entitled to this resource “TIME”. Unlike other resources there is no competition on getting this resource as everyone have been entitled to draw the quota of 24 Hours of “TIME” every day. So what decides whether we live as “Happy and Successful” persons or we live a life with a feeling of “Oh! Another day of this daily battle” and wished “Had I had enough TIME”. Our management and spiritual lessons teach us : First manage yourselves – only then you can manage others and contribute to the growth of your organization and yourselves. I feel, I can manage myself well, only if I can manage my resource “TIME” very well. Just like money, if we know where to invest, how to invest , how long to invest and when to withdraw the “TIME” given to us, we would be able to work wonders in managing ourselves and that will allow us to crack the magic of professional and personal success. The phrase “Time is Money” used by Benjamin Franklin is so true even today. Steven Covey in his seminal book on “7 habits of highly effective people” has taught us the trick on importance of managing “Urgent” versus “Important” things. I found it very useful in managing time. So what are you waiting for? The book stores and internet are full of self-help books on Time Management. Grab one and unfurl the whole new person in you who will be known as the one who has mastered the art of investing “TIME”.