PM Essence
What is an Employee looking for @ work??
What they need most?
                                                                                                                      – Vamshadhara G.

What exactly your staffs want? Forget about raises and better benefits. They are important — but will they be really happy with just that?


PAY is Important!! But pay only goes so far. Getting more pay will drastically increase the satisfaction element for employees, as they would always like to get MORE – after all we are humans. Higher wages won’t cause employees to automatically perform at a higher level. Commitment, work ethics, and motivation are not based on pay.


To truly care about your business, your employees need these Eight things – and they need to get them from You!


1. Liberty/choice Allowing employees more room to be flexible makes them happier and more productive.


(i) Autonomy and independence

(ii) Provide parameters or boundary conditions, and then offer choices.
(iii) Relinquish the 9 to 5 time bound. (iv) Find a way to unify the culture.
(v) Instill values through training.


Whenever possible, give your employees the freedom to work the way they work best.


2. Goals – Goals can be fun. Yes you heard right!! Everyone wants a challenge, even You. Well defined goals create a sense of purpose and add a little meaning to even the most repetitive tasks.


Without a goal to shoot for, work is just work and gets boring.


3. Mission – We all like to feel a part of something bigger. Motivated to be worthy of words like “best” or “largest” or “fastest” or “highest quality” provides a sense of purpose. Let employees know what you want to achieve, for your business, for customers, and even your community. And if you can, let them create a few missions of their own.


Caring starts with knowing what to care about and why.


4. Expectations – While every job should include some degree of space or freedom, every job needs basic expectations regarding the way specific situations should be handled. You may lose an employee, if you criticize him/her in an inappropriate way for some job which was not done well.


Employees should get the feedback and positive reinforcement and not a set of demotivating speech from you.


5. Input – Everyone in naturally inclined to offer suggestions and ideas. If you deny listening to their suggestions that means you are generating robots. Then they only accept what you say, and they resist from offering suggestions or ideas. Make it easy for employees to offer suggestions. When an idea doesn’t have merit, take the time to explain why.


You can’t implement every idea, but you can always make employees feel valued for their ideas.


6. Connection/Affection – Employees don’t want to work only for a paycheck; they want to work with and for people. They need a kind word, a short discussion about family, a brief check-in to see if they need anything.


Individual or personal experience sharing’s are no less important than meetings or formal evaluations.


7. Dependability and Loyalty – Most people may be ok to deal with a boss who is demanding and pointing out issues… as long as he or she applies the same yard stick to everybody. The key to maintain consistency is to communicate. The more employees understand why a decision was made the less likely they are to assume favoritism or unfair treatment.


While you should treat each employee differently, you must treat each employee fairly (That’s a big difference).


8. Future – Every job should have the potential to lead to something more, either within or outside your company. Take the time to develop employees for jobs they someday hope to fill—even if those positions are outside your company. (How will you know what they hope to do? Try asking.)


Employees will care about your business when you care about them first.