PM Essence
PMPC 2013

Project Management Practitioner’s Conference 2013

for business transformation…

September 12 – 14, Thu-Sat, 2013
NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”.
– Peter Drucker

We realize what brought us here will not take us there. We need to embrace change as part of our journey to remain relevant and be successful. History is replete with many examples wherein yesterday’s leaders, as a result of resisting change, either went into oblivion or were forced to become followers.

Business transformation has enabled organizations to successfully adapt to change. It has also allowed organizations to run their business faster and smarter to set up a strong foundation for long term success on an ongoing basis. Leaders driving successful transformation are able to address the formidable challenges associated with strategy, people, culture and business processes to seamlessly integrate it with the external environment to deliver business value.

Project and Program Management discipline is a key to successful execution of this transformational agenda, as it has always served as an important catalyst to drive these changes. With a quest to search, present, discuss, share and learn linkages and unleash the potential of project management to drive business transformation, we announce the 8th annual Project Management Practitioners’ conference (PMPC) in Bangalore during September 12th -14th  2013.