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Editor’s Note
SoumenDe Dear Friends,

Greetings from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!

As we are reaching the end of the calendar year, many of us must be busy closing our projects and eagerly waiting to go for that year-end vacation either to a pristine beach or getting refreshed from lazily undulating mountain ranges or simply visiting our near and dear ones.

Many a times, we get so much engrossed in the rigmarole of our project deliverables that we barely get time to do something related to Project Management (PM) outside our regular work. To write a paper for project management journal or conference, or to deliver a lecture in reputed forum or do a major certification that can provide us a career boost tends to take a back seat. We motivate ourselves by saying we will do it soon at the next opportune time and this may also find a place in our New Year resolution list. However, if we do find out some time to step out from your regular work and accomplish some of the things mentioned above, we not only contribute to the PM Community, but we also derive a tremendous sense of self-fulfillment and self-motivation – using HR jargon this can become one of our source for intrinsic motivation Some of you had suggested why not highlight these accomplishments through Essence. Based on your suggestion, we are happy to introduce a new section called PM Accomplishments from this edition of Essence. Please refer to page 2 for details and we are looking forward to hear from you on this section.

I am also happy to share that our slogan section got a record number of participation this time, thanks to the topic and the freewheeling responses. I am looking forward to same response on this edition of slogan contest. As we all know managing stakeholder’s expectations is one of the critical thing, we as project managers, need to address to deliver our project successfully. This edition covers two articles on stakeholder’s management which can be of interest to you. Besides there are other articles on PM along with other regular sections. As always, do continue to contribute to Essence by learning and sharing your project management experiences and by participating through different columns of this newsletter.                                                                             
Happy Reading!

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP

Editorial Board
Murali Santhanam, PMP
Raghavan S.S.V., PMP
Shikha Vaidh, PMP
Soumen De, PMP