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raghunath          Raghunatha K., PMP

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, he has been actively involved in development and Implementation of process frame work based on PMBOK, ISO, CMMI Development and Service Models.

He has also been instrumental in designing and implementation of work flow based tools for managing the project management activities by using HP PPM at his workplace.

His expertise also lies in designing, developing and implementing measurement framework by including process performance models, governance and health check

Roughly how many hours per week or per month you spend on volunteering for PMI activities?
Around 4 to 6 hour per month and these will increase during major initiatives.

What motivates you to volunteer for PMI ?
Passion, learning and exposure motivates to be part of PMI.

What have been the challenges for volunteering at the Chapter?
Harmonizing the professional, personal and Chapter activities.

PMI Volunteering, Professional commitment, Personal commitment – How do you balance the three?

By planning, delegating and leveraging technology, I have balanced the requirements of these competing demands.

Name any 1-2 best volunteering experience?
I am part of PMI Bangalore Chapter from last 9 years. The annual PMPC content development and improvement of the PM Quest content have been two of the memorable volunteering.

Tell us your hobbies, or things you are passionate about, other than volunteering
at PMI?
Reading books.

What will be your message for your fellow volunteers?

Networking and good communication skills are essentials for professional growth, and volunteering provides an excellent platform to master both.

What is your thought on preferred recognition for volunteering?

An annual get together to facilitate volunteers interaction and exchange of personal experiences.

Raghunatha K., PMP