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Q. This is a common scheduling tool used by all project management practitioners. However it was quite a radical concept and an innovation of world-wide importance in the 1920s. What is this tool?

A. Henry Laurence Gantt (1861-1919) was a mechanical engineer, management consultant and industry advisor. Gantt charts were invented by him in the second decade of the 20th century to provide a visual aid to show scheduled and actual progress of projects. Accepted as a common-place project management tool today, it was quite a radical concept and an innovation of world-wide importance in the 1920s. Gantt charts were first used on large construction projects like the Hoover Dam, started in 1931 and the interstate highway network which started in 1956. The book “ Organizing for Work” by Henry Gant is available in public domain at anizingforWork.pdf.

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Project management approach helps me to minimize the problems associated with unclear or changing requirements by…………

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Project Management approach helps in transforming potential challenges into opportunities
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“…within a well-defined and predictable framework, while managing the risks with educated information..”

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