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If there was one international news item that dominated the print and digital media over the last 4 weeks, it was undisputedly the FIFA World Cup 2014. This is the biggest singleevent sporting competition in the world played in Brazil this year. 
The Google home page’s iconic logo which captures the most significant event represented the World Cup event throughout this duration to acknowledge this marquee event. The football World Cup was tenaciously fought between 32 countries, with a total of 64 matches being played across 12 cities in Brazil. Soccer game, like many other team games, provides useful tips for Project Manager (PM) like us. First lesson for us – it is always better to get the results (win) within allocated (planned) time of 90 minutes, or within 30 minutes of extra (buffer) time. Else you do not have much control on your results. The results, then gets decided by the gut wrenching penalty shootout which is ridden with suspense till the last shot. It inevitably comes down to individual errors, luck, nerve factor, and often ends with ugly surprises. Soccer or football, like any project team, need players who can demonstrate speed, skill, strength and self-belief. But more importantly it is coordination and team work, rather than individual brilliance that helps the team win the match. In the finals, Argentina depended heavily on its superstar Lionel Messi, while a much more coordinated team Germany defeated them 1-0. Many of you may have watched this semifinal playoff match. Five times winner, Brazil took on Germany, without it star players, Neymar and Thiago Silva and got very thoroughly defeated 1-7. Many attributed the defeat to absence of those star players, but a winning team should have enough confidence and strength to shoulder the responsibility to ride through such crisis to achieve the desired results. One more leaf we can take from that match is, unlike Brazil, we should not get complacent with our past successes and winning track. Like soccer, also in business, we need to metaphorically keep our “foot” planted on the ground as we set up for our next goal. PM like us, can always look around and learn from events and situations happening outside our regular project environment. As they say, it is good to learn from one’s own mistake but it is much smarter to learn from mistake of others. Hope, you will like this edition of Essence and continue to learn, share and grow with us.
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