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Q. This method was developed by Edward De Bono and provide a framework for group discussion and individual thinking to facilitate unbiased lateral thinking? 
A. The method is called Six Thinking Hat approach. Due to many factors including lack of focus, leadership, individual egos and natural wiring of the brain individuals think differently , as a result the discussion does tend not to converge. There is a natural tendency for “spaghetti thinking” where one person is thinking about the benefits while another considers the facts and so on. The hats process avoids this. Everyone is facilitated to look in the same direction together. De Bono identifies six distinct directions called six hats in which the brain can be challenged to think. The six directions are:
• Managing (Blue) – Context gathering; 
• Information (White) – Information collection; 
• Emotions (Red) – Use Intuition; 
• Discernment (Black) – Conservative thinking;
• Optimistic response (Yellow) – Optimistic thinking;
• Creativity (Green) – Out of box thinking.

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