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Editor’s Note
SoumenDe Dear Friends,

Greetings from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!

It was very satisfying and fulfilling experience when we successfully delivered the PMPC 2013 on 12-14 Sep 2013 to our delegates, speakers and other dignitaries. Not to mention the September Essence was delivered with live coverage of PMPC on the 3rd day of the conference itself.

As you may realize, It was a culmination of several months of relentless efforts, methodical planning and successful execution. Passionate, dedicated volunteers, toiling hard, with a heady we-can-do-it attitude made the things happen for the conference. Related to their respective portfolio, they are carrying out a range of project management activities with abiding interest – be it identifying the risks, proposing mitigation plan for the identified risks and management of different stakeholders. In this process, they are communicating their passion and enthusiasm to everyone else. In short, it was nothing short of experiencing “project management in motion”. I noticed, with not much surprise, that that the golden thread that tied all the volunteers to the PMPC objective was effective communication skills. Reflect on this for a moment. How do the best leaders motivate and inspire their people? The answer is through effective communication. How do the best organizations promote discipline, accountability and strategic alignment? Again, with effective communication. And, how do market leaders sell their products and services? With compelling ads and marketing campaigns- once again, by effective communication. It’s not enough to speak clearly or write clearly; you have to make sure you’re being heard and understood. Usually the volunteers who were more effective in his or her delivery were the ones who had gone into the vital details behind preparing and communicating the “message” they wanted to get across. Leverage volunteering opportunity at PMI Bangalore Chapter to give wings to your dream of becoming an effective leader, as they are often the ones who are also the first-rate communicators.
Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP
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Raghavan S.S.V., PMP
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Soumen De, PMP