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Being Agile Vs Following Agile 

                                                                                                                       – Naveen Kumar Singh


I see some of the interesting discussion about agile especially by so called Agile Guardian and few examples are listed below:-

• How to estimate project in Agile way?

• How to do resource planning in Agile?

• We are following Agile Project Management but facing so and so problem and how to deal with those?

• Why Agile fails?

• What kind of project are more suitable for Agile?


So you are following Agile but you are not Agile that’s why you have these questions? Are you aware about agility or just heard about Agile? You really think that you can follow Agile or you are trying to micro-manage your project? How much you know about Project Management or your company/customer ask you to be Agile to deliver a piece of work in Agile way?


Be Agile if you’re looking for agility. Agile is a philosophy that built around people. Do you perceive people as resources or headcount? Then please change your perception. People are not equal to resources.


Any process that is based on Inspect and Adapt by people is Agile. Focus should be on meeting customer expectation not just following process. What is the use of process if that is not delivering business values?


Agile is a natural way of developing product. It’s not hard to learn but may be difficult to practice, especially when you think everyone should be Agile except you.



My Experience

I joined my 1st  company in 1997. At that time there was nobody in my company who knew about software and matter of fact that I bought 1st computer for my company and started writing software for financial accounting system. I knew nothing about accounts but was open to learn and automate it. Being an individual developer, tester and analyst I was supposed to learn, build and test a system that was completely new to me. I was successful because I was open to collaborate with business people to learn, build and demonstrate my work as frequently as possible. This helped me to learn financial accounting system and solve business problem..  I realised that I followed nothing but an agile process for being successful.


Take away

Be agile first before you follow agile. Open to understand business and then think about product. Product is not only about the thing that you touch and feel  but also about what services your product is delivering. System thinking is not a fancy thing but required to build a product that can solve your business problem.