PM Essence

Work Life Integration not Work Life Balance


By – Ms. Ananya Pani
How often have u come across this infinite struggle between work and personal life, it always seems to come exactly at the same time.
The customer meets always seem to coincide with your most important date in personal life, like your anniversary day or your child’s performance in school.
Your child seems to have planned to be sick only when you have a critical delivery in your project.

All of us have come across this in our life so often. So here comes the new magic term which seem to be solving all this problems with its magic presence, that’s work life balance.
This term has pretended to come to the rescue of most of us. We keep demanding this from our employers and the bosses pretend to give this more and more.
Has it really solved our perpetual struggle?
Let me describe what has seemed to work for me, that’s not work life balance but work life INTEGRATION.
For me there is no time where it is one or the other, for me work and life coexist always.
I take care of work as much as possible even when I am in a personal commitment of course with the help of technology (smart phones/email) And same goes with personal life, that takes precedence during work based on need.
Keeping in our demanding lives and work, I can hardly think of a scenario when I can segregate these two.
For most of working moms work and life coexist as equal priorities most of the time and we seem to be juggling them.
The key is to prioritize and take up as needed at the moment. The key for most of working moms is work life integration and lets not feel guilty about having not living the moment fully its living everything altogether.
Its fine to take the call from a key client in the middle of your family dinner and also absolutely ok to take your mom for the doctor appointment during work timing.
Its time to integrate our roles.