PMI Bangalore Chapter

PMPC 2014 – PMPostersSpeakers

Project Management Practitioners’ Conference 2014
PM Posters Speakers 
 LN Mishra
Is future of IT Project Management Product Management? 
Mr. L. N. Mishra,
Adaptive Processes
Interesting? Visit Kiosk K1a on 20th Nov.

 Suchindra K
Money is never a factor  
Mr. Suchindra K,
Bengaluru Runners
Did you think so too? Check out in Kiosk K3b on 20th Nov.

 Phani Raghuram
Collaborative Project Management 
Mr. Phani Raghuram,
ABB Global Industries and Services Ltd.
Interesting? Visit Kiosk K3a on 20th Nov.

Project As A Service: Developing Engaged Teams 
Mr. Sammeer Rawat,
Suxess Multiplierz
Listen from the experienced in Kiosk K1b on 20th Nov.

HP – Lean IT. Designed to Deliver 
Mr. Dwaraki Rao & Mr. Ajay Nair,
HP Global e-Business Operations Pvt. Ltd.
Interact with them at Kiosk K2b on 20th Nov.

Gemba Visit 
Mr. Srihari P,
Robert Bosch
Know the Japanese way in Kiosk K2a on 20th Nov.

Towards High Performing Agile Teams 
Mr. Ravi Murthy,
SAP Labs India
Interact to know more at Kiosk K1a on 21st Nov.

“Lean Projects” – How to reduce Non-value adding activities – increase Project Velocity? 
Mr. P K Menon,
Twin Vaves
Get to know more at Kiosk K1b on 21st Nov.

Decoding the secret for INTRAPERSONAL Awareness 
Mr. Suresh Babu S,
One Life Academy
Ask your questions at Kiosk K2a on 21st Nov.

Project: INNOVATE 
Mr. Saurabh Handigol,
Lots more to learn at Kiosk K3a on 21st Nov.

Execution – The Step-child of Project Management? 
Mr. Mukund Toro,
Independent Consultant
PMBoK in practicality at Kiosk K2b on 21st Nov.

Vidya Deepa: Enlightening the students 
Mr. Suresh T,
PMI Bangalore India Chapter
Listen to the inspiring journey in Kiosk K3b on 21st Nov.

 Ajit Kaikini
Choose to LEAD 
Mr. Ajit Kaikini,
Leadership from young age in Kiosk K1b on 22nd Nov.

Discover – What More is Possible? Managing Triple Constraints 
Mr. Madhavan S Rao,
Assurance Consulting
Discover at Kiosk K1a on 22nd Nov.

Exploring the Unknown – The eternal journey 
Mr. Vilas Kadival,
Himalayan Fantasy
Fantasizing isn’t it? Kiosk K2a on 22nd Nov.

Application testing and security Analytics Platform  
Ms. Ashritha H,
Paladion Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Enlighten yourself at Kiosk K3a on 22nd Nov.

Lean Six Sigma Framework for Software Development – DIYA 
Mr. HK Raju,
University of Mysore
Exciting? Look out for him in Kiosk K2b on 22nd Nov.

Software tools for virtual Project Management 
Mr. Srinidhi Prahalad,
The youngest presenter this year is at Kiosk K3b on 22nd Nov.