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                                                        – Capt. L. N. Prasad,
                                                                            (PMI Bangalore India Chapter)

PM Primer:  


The Chapter organized a PM Primer event outside Bangalore City for the first time on a trial basis on 06th  February 2016. This event was organized in assocaition with Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore, in their campus. A total of 400 students from all branches of engineering attended the event. The objective of this event was to pilot the concept of delivering the PM Primer to a larger section of the student community. On this occasion Mr Vijay Paul, Secretary  and Treasurer of the Chapter presented a memento to the college.

PM Footprints

   In the month of February 2016, two PM Footprints sessions were held. On 11th February, Mr. Gopalan Narasimhan founder Director, Bumblebee Leadership Academy, spoke on the topic “Strategic Thinking for Leadership Growth and success”.  On 25th February 2016,   Mr. Ravi Bommakanti, founder and Chief Consultant, Chief Instructor BBTIS consulting, spoke on the topic “True Business analysis for Agile Projects”.  Both the sessions were well received by the participants. 


Corporate Connect:
  Chapter continued it’s support to Karle Infra Pvt Ltd by providing once again an external speaker for the eighth  topic  in their in house training program on “Fundamentals of PM”. This time the topic was on Contracts Administration and the session was handled on behalf of the chapter by Mr. SSV Raghavan. The session was well received by the 17 participants.
Agile Program:
  One-day Agile foundation program was held on 27th February 2016 with 11 participants.
PM Industry Symposium:
    In its quest to launch new programs to reach out to wider PM community, the Chapter is organizing a one-day Conference on “Excellence in Construction Project Management ”   on 22nd April 2016 at Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore.  Those interested in attending the same may obtain further details from Chapter website or look out for mailers from Chapter
PMPC 2016

   In todays’ fast paced and turbulent business environment, sensing changes and responding with equal speed is proving to be a critical factor for success. Thanks to social media and aggressive marketing, market developments and fast changing technological advancements which influences customer’s decisions. Due to this fast pace of development and short-lived expectation of the market, the time available to respond to changes has drastically reduced. The Trained workforce must be abreast with the developments in the industry and enabled with implementation of technologies that minimizes time between data collection, analysis and decision making that support organizations to respond to market situations. The technology also needs to move away from conventional data from forms to data from unstructured market sources like the social networks, IOTs etc.
From the above it is clear that the measure of “Enterprise Agility” hinges on four major factors –
      •    Organization Design to create an Agile and Evolving enterprise – some of the key indicators are (a) Simplified Strategies, (b) Lowered Decision Making, (c) Collaborative Partnerships, (d) Risk Management
      •    Clear Product Development Strategies – some of the key indicators are (a) Innovation and Product Envisioning, (b) Agile Development, (c) Managing evolving requirements
      •    Leverage of Technology –  (a) Technologies for customer involvement, (b) Technologies for data collection and analysis, (c) Technologies for Marketing and Support, (d) Technologies for Distribution
      •    Enabled Workforce – (a) Nurturing participation and innovation, (b) Health and Well-being, (c) Learning and Growth, (d) Best Practices and Knowledge Management
  Project Management Practitioners’ Conference 2016 (PMPC 2016), hosted by PMI Bangalore India Chapter, will focus on various facets of the Project Management practices that have been or will be a game changer in achieving enterprise agility. 
PM Accomplish
As part of the  Project Management Regional Conference 2016, held at Kochi on 13th  Feb 2016, hosted  by the Kerala Chapter along with the PMI Chennai Chapter, a technical paper competition was organzied. The theme of the conference was “Innovating Project Management for higher impact”. Out of total 37 submitted papers, 14 were  shortlisted for the final round of review, of which five papers were selected for publication on the PMI India Website. Out of these five papers, the paper titled “Experience Based Creativity = Innovative Project Management” submitted by Lt Col (Retd) L Shri Harsha, Vice President – Academic Relations, PMI Bangalore Chapter, was adjudged the best technical paper. Lt Col L Shri Harsha was felicitated during the conference with a memento.