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Amidst the state election in five states and the onslaught of IPL fever that has gripped the nation, another interesting thing happened last month that enthused the social media community. The Haryana government announced that Gurgaon, the sprawling suburb outside Delhi, will now be called Gurugram. The reason, as per erstwhile Gurgaon Mayor; “this name would bring people closer to the ‘rich heritage’ that Gurgaon once had”. It is said that the Pandavas of Mahabharata gifted the village to their teacher or “Guru”, Dronacharya, and the area was later known as Guru Ka Gram (village of the master) before becoming Gurgaon. Since Gurgaon has been heralded as a ‘Millennium city’ and is home to IT and corporate giants, many people opined that this name is not in sync with the status and style this city is known for.

I am not sure if the majority of citizens really care about calling a city in a different way. Even though Bangalore had been renamed as Bengaluru few years back, I still see majority of us referring the city by its old name. Renaming cities by administrators or leaders may be due to political compulsion or their most convenient way to leave a legacy effect, but I was wondering if there is a merit in renaming project in a cool or catchy way…

Calling the new quicker customer connect system as “version 3″ is fine but so generic that looks meaningless. Naming it like “Customer First” may look like more cool and connecting both with the end users and project team members. Every project including your project and yourself are unique. Don’t they deserve to be like a brand? Getting your project a unique name will enhance the brand perception of project, which in turn will motivate the project team members. There are cases when a project failed to garner good team members, as the project did not have a strong project name or brand. So why is project branding important? Because your project can suffer in the absence of a compelling brand. Broadly speaking, a brand can be defined as a unique value proposition expressed in a relevant and differentiated way such that it creates preference and loyalty among key audiences. A quick Google Search can show many important projects having very smart looking names or acronyms. One HR initiative in one company was called PRIDE as it was supposed to inculcate pride and drive excellence in their workforces. PRIDE was very innovatively codenamed for Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence. It is observed that Project Leaders who embrace a brand mindset will be in a stronger position to achieve their goals and deliver on the organization’s business strategy. So next time you own a project make sure you name it in a way that enhances its brand perception
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