PM Essence

 Volunteer Development Program – Discovery Village, Kanakapura Road

On June 4th close to 30 volunteers, from the PMI Bangalore India Chapter, took part in an outbound volunteer development program.


From the very beginning of confirming the participants to coordinating the travel, everything was planned and communicated meticulously. This was one of the first out bound development programs being conducted by the Bangalore Chapter. The program was kick started by the Chapter President Vijay Paul and he introduced the trainer in charge of the program from “Boundless Initiatve” headed by Col. HT. Jagadish and Col. Ravi Raj Patil.


They explained the program guidelines and the schedule for the day. It’s started with introductions and each of the volunteer getting “number badges”. The objective of the program was to learn with experience.


There were total four activities:


1. The first activity was focused on ensuring that the team can get through hurdles with proper planning, observation and communication which involves the team coming together to achieve the objective of passing through the hurdle.


2. The next activity involved, the team working together and overcoming obstacles using the tools given to each other and complete the task in time assigned. It also stressed on negotiating and working together as a team.


3. Post lunch there was an activity which involved teamwork to answer 2 questions based on cards provided to each team member. This emphasized on ensuring the team member with most important cards does speak up and also the team comes out with logic to ensure the questions could be answered on time.


4. Finally there was another physical activity which involved walking using poles and ropes tied to each other. The ropes emphasized the importance of family and friends facilitating balance in life along with work. It was fun filled learning experience for all volunteers.


The day wrapped up with a vote of thanks by the Chapter President and a few volunteers sharing their experience. It was a fun filled learning experience for all participants.