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Editor’s Note January 2017

EditorEditor’s Note


Dear Friends,


Greetings from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!


Wish you all very Happy New year from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!!!


New Year is a time when everyone has a special enthusiasm of starting a new beginning by taking resolutions. However for most, it last for few weeks to months and for very few it lasts for a life time. We do resolutions, we celebrate hard and then go back to work and start our BAU (Business as Usual) i.e. routine work and following same routine. Due to some or the other reason we have to go on and leave behind some of the thoughts we developed, some of dreams we visualized in that festive mood. Suddenly the energy of doing some professional enhancement, achieve some new certifications, doing some new innovation, thinking about some new automation gets buried and BAU starts.


The very zest of the inner strength is one’s inner voice which we ignore sometimes and loose precious experiences. One who becomes successful in keeping that spark alive is the one who will succeed. Reason is very simple, s/he has courage to realise things and not only dreaming. As it says “There are differences in word and deed” and the one who is committed to do what he says will definitely achieve the pinnacles of success. With this New Year let all of us take a very simple pledge to keep that spark alive within. A small step towards following a small dream. A small step to do knowledge enhancement. A small step to learn few new things this year. A small step to gain one certification in our area of interest. This list will go on and on and every one will have his/her at least one such small step.


These small steps are nothing but a good project plan, which is executed well and backed by a strong sense of purpose and motivation by the person. Each of the resolution for improvements, be it knowledge enhancement or related to adopting a healthy life style can be though as a project which needs to planned, executed and monitored for deviation. And once the project is complete, it needs to sustained (like certification or healthy life style), like an operations. The conversion of a new year wish (or resolution) into something that last for a lifetime needs planning, execution and sustenance just like what we do for projects. As we start our year, lets identify such development projects for ourselves and make sure we put execute them well. It is the successful execution of such projects that would bring smiles on our faces at the end of this year and give us a sense of fulfilment. Wish you good luck for your professional enhancement, a new certifications, a new innovation, a new automation or anything that you have been dreaming about but did not find a right time to start.


Happy Reading.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP

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