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PM Article: Multiskilled

Being Multi Skilled is the need of the Hour

Sayi Sarat Chandra Parvatam

While multi-tasking is a must in today’s fast-paced world, being multi-skilled has become a necessity for employees so as to withstand their roles and positions. A multi-skilled person is always sought after in any organization and the IT industry is nothing different from it. Agility being the major formula followed by the industry as a whole makes every organization to demand its employees to multitask. The willingness to learn continuously and the ability to accept change on a regular basis is the key to multitasking. Widening the areas of interest, and continuous efforts in the overall development of skill set are the basic requirements for a multi-skilled person.


Startups can be a good place to observe the need of multi-skilled persons and multi-taskers. The human resources in a Startup are very limited. Even a Startup has the need to fulfill the works of as many departments as that of a professionally experienced IT company. A single person taking care of various exclusive things in the start-up comes more from the need of the situation than the personal interest of the employees in the organization. So, naturally the people working for startups and small scale industries are by default good multi-taskers than the traditional employees of a big MNC.


In established IT companies, the employees are made to learn multi-tasking and are learning multiple skills, not out of their interest but out of the organizations demand. And for an employee accustomed to the normal way of single work format, it might not be possible to suddenly become an expert in various fields and to transform into a multi-tasker over-night. Hence, companies are not forcing everyone to become good at everything. It is enough if people have the basic knowledge about as many things as possible and have the ability to manage the situations in case of emergencies.

But it will be better to be as good at as many skills as possible. The only way to achieve this is to be flexible enough to increment the knowledge in little amounts on a daily basis. This will surely make anyone a multi-skilled expert in the long run.


Two majorly important things to be considered for the need of becoming multitaskers or multi-skilled persons are as follows:



The importance of time: As a professional everyone will know the importance of time. It is that one asset, the most valuable, in fact, valuable than money. Every professional life is a set of 35-40 years of day time spent in one organization or the other with a hope for better life. Seeing time to be a limited and non-renewable resource, the best possible way of utilizing it can be done only through multi-tasking which brings out the best in us.


Happiness of learning: There has been a recent research that states that there is a peculiar link between happiness and learning. Learning something new always makes us happier and happiness is something everyone ultimately aims at. A little and constant learning on a daily basis keeps us happy and also helps in making a drastic growth in our professional life.


Thus, multitasking and being multi-skilled combined with agility is a necessity and paves way towards growth for any average IT employee.