PMI Bangalore Chapter


Formation of Defence, Space, Aerospace and PSU (DAPSU) Industry Forum

PMI Bangalore India Chapter has been striving to spread knowledge & practices about Project Management across different sectors & industries. Karnataka has traditionally been a city of preference for Defence, Space & Aerospace. Research & Production establishments has a great track record of delivering programs of national importance. Now, with many other global multinational & private sector institutions putting their investments for setting up state of the art global scale facilities, this industry is expected to leapfrog in next few years.


With Defence & Space Industries tasked with strategic projects for the country, the success of their programs projects requires that the project management skills percolate to different levels within the organizations and institutions. There have been many success stories with remarkable outcomes but with changing customer requirements due to the continuously changing environment, technological innovations, skill challenges, need for honing skills and competencies is a continuous process for every organization. There are unique challenges and project management frameworks would call for special ideas and experiences to address stakeholders’ demands & deliver successful strategic demands of security and other national initiatives.


Considering these challenges PMI Bangalore India Chapter has created Defence, Space, Aerospace & PSU Industry (DAPSU) Forum to focus on helping Project Management community for dissemination of current knowledge, tool & practices and thought leadership under the guidance of the subject matter experts from the industry.


The DAPSU will have Advisory Board comprising of luminaries from Defence & Space Institutions & Research Establishments, Leading PSU’s in Bangalore, Member Associations in this Sector and PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board members.


The PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board and the Advisory Board met on 15th October 2016 to kick off this initiative.

The meeting discussed and agreed on the following aspects:

  1. Vision, Mission, and Objectives
  2. Structure
  3. Governance/Advisory Board and Other Stakeholders
  4. Cross-pollinate learning from the E&C Forum
  5. Forum Initiatives