PMI Bangalore Chapter

E&C Symposium

E&C Symposium

Symposium Inauguration


April17 02

Ms. Chandrika started the symposium on a traditional note with a devotional song. After this Mr. T. V. Sesha Sai, VP – Projects & New Initiatives, Chair – E&C Forum, PMI Bangalore India Chapter inaugurated the Symposium by sharing his thoughts on the goals of E&C forum. He stressed the goal of the forum is to share best practices among the E&C community and also the theme of Symposium i.e. “Building Better Tomorrow – leveraging Project Management” is in line with this.

April17 03


Lamp lighting ceremony was followed after this to set the tone of the event on an auspicious note.


April17 05

Mr. Vijay K Paul, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter addressed the audience and shared thoughts on Chapter’s journey with E&C industry. He mentioned how Chapter has taken baby steps and started this forum by monthly E&C Footprints every 3rd Saturday which matured to a lot till 2nd E&C Industry Symposium. He quoted this in Hindi “Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar. Log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya” to depict the progress made in E&C.

April17 06

He highlighted that encouragement from E&C forum also triggered another forum of Chapter i.e. DAPSU (DEFENCE AEROSPACE & PSU INDUSTRY)


PMI Address

April17 07

Mr. Raj Kalady, Managing Director – PMI India addressed the audience and started his discussion with the PMI journey and history. He mentioned that PMIBC is number one Chapter in India, especially for the kind of initiatives it takes. He mentioned the significance of E&C by quoting Australia Opera example and also said E&C is emerging in India as lot of money is getting spent on the infrastructure projects. Initiatives like “Make in India” and research results which shows 9 Trillion INR worth of infrastructure is required in India in itself is a boost for the industry. He concluded by emphasizing on 3 P’s i.e. people, processes and promotions.


Keynote Address (KN01)

April17 08

Mr. Arunjot Singh Bhalla Managing Director – India RSP Design Consultants India Private Limited, spoke on topic “The Elephant in the Room’ – Addressing Issues of Coordination in Design and Construction Works”. He mentioned the importance of risk identification, like poor coordination, which if not addressed timely will grow larger. He referred all the hurdles/challenges as elephants in the room which we need to get rid of to end up with a successful projects. He touched upon challenges like increasing design complexity, seamless communication, time zones and geography etc. He also touched upon agility in the design process so that changes can be quickly made and communicated to right stakeholders.


Case Study (CS01)

April17 09

Mr. Anil Kumar Managing Director – Great Sports Infra Pvt Ltd. spoke on topic “Design & Execution of The World’s First Sub-Surface Automation in a Cricket Outfield”. His insights and explanation on challenges faced in Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium was very interesting and audience connected with it very well. This case study was classic example of a project done with stringent deadlines along with no window/time to redo anything. He mentioned this was “first time right” for a “first of its kind project” type of challenge project. He touched upon the anticipated and unanticipated issues which has been faced during the execution of the project like modifying the design to fit the structure as per the room available.


Panel Discussion

Dr. Subhash Rastogi, Director BT & BT Management Consultancy along with Mr. Ajith Alexander, Founder & Managing Director of QwikSpec, Mr. Alcide Coelho, Senior Vice President at Tata Housing Development Company Ltd and Mr. Harsh Pareek Heads Autodesk Technical engagement for India & SAARC had a panel discussion on “How Technology is Transforming Construction Industry”.

April17 10

Dr. Rastogi moderated the discussion and initiated with his thoughts that Civil Engineering is one area where technology adoption is very slow and asked the members to share their thoughts on the same. Mr. Pareek stressed on BIM and its adoption, he has compared the % adoption of BIM across the continents and mentioned India/Asia has a long way to go. Mr. Alcide Coelho mentioned that people still knock the walls and say its hollow and traditional methods are still very much prevalent. Mr. Ajith Alexander mentioned about agility and how it’s needed to address volumes of delivery. Discussion went on and questions varied from automation to whether comparison of different engineering streams is a good way to go forward. Dr. Rastogi and panel concluded the discussion saying disruption is coming and it’s up to us whether we adapt to it or not. Organizations have to invest in technology if they want to pick the pace.


Case Study (CS01)

April17 11

Mr. Prabhakar Jadhav, Independent Director, Excellent Fire Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd. Advisor, Ashoka Foundation for “Housing to all” initiative spoke on “Transformational Initiatives for Project Excellence – Sharing of an Experience”. He started his discussion by making context to the theme of symposium and mentioned rather than changing only the status of project daily, need of the hour is Quantum Change or Total Transformation. His award winning case study reference was very well taken. He elaborated on how 100 years old construction house initiated Six Sigma and CMMI to address the quality issues. He also mentioned that success has to be measurable. He concluded saying with a message that future is not about delivering the best any more, it’s all about excellence for better tomorrow”


Keynote Address (KN02)

April17 12

Mr. A N Prakash Managing Director – M/s A N Prakash Construction Project Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. spoke on topic “Project Management Tomorrow- Preparing for The Emerging Environment”. He started his discussion by showing figures from CIRCA 2025 which says, population is moving towards urban areas which calls for huge investment in infrastructure and largest of growth is projected in India, China and Nigeria. He mentioned that with this much growth of urban population and consequent demand new ways of Project Management which are technology equipped with latest trends like AI and IOT is needed. He concluded by stressing up on need of high performing teams & India 2025 SWOT analysis.


Valedictory Address (VA01)

April17 13

Dr. K. N. Satyanarayana Director – IIT Tirupati, spoke on “Human Resource Issues in Indian Construction Projects”. He presented multiple facets of challenges faced in construction industry due to human resources issues. He touched up on stress on engineers working on construction projects with long stretched hours of work. He quoted one survey which says 1st most stressed job is Air Traffic Controller and second is Construction Job. Also from construction worker’s context he mentioned that most of the workers are migrants which impose multiple challenges to plan and execution of the construction projects. 83% of the workers are unskilled which poses a serious threat. He concluded saying urgent attention towards these issues are required to take construction industry to next level.


Symposium Closure

April17 14

Ms. Shilpa Gnaneshwar, Secretary and Treasurer, PMI Bangalore India Chapter addressed the audience with vote of thanks and formally closed the 2nd PM Industry Symposium for Engineering & Construction. She announced the names of all the members of organising committee of the Symposium and volunteers. The applause from audience boosted the morale of volunteers to gear up for the next symposium.