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Editor’s Note July 2017

EditorEditor’s Note


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I am very happy and pleased to launch this Special Edition of PM Essence, on the final day of the Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC 2017). On behalf of the entire Essence team, I extend our heartfelt gratitude for encouraging us to publish PM Essence each month for past 6 years. This is arguably one of the largest Conference on Project Management running for 12th consecutive year. The theme for this year’s Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC 2017) held at Nimhans Convention Centre Bangalore from 20 – 22nd July 2017 was “Architecting Project Management for a New World Order”.

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We have had a galaxy of speakers who shared their experience on how to manage the challenges of modern day. The ability to cope with disruptive technologies and business models, ever increasing pressure to do more with less, the protectionism mindset of many political leaders are just some of the few challenges that businesses have to deal with. The tools, tactics and process that worked before to deliver ‘value’ may not work the best now. So we need to continuously upgrade ourselves by learning, internalizing, piloting and testing the new skills, tools and techniques. How do we learn those skills? Do we learn best when someone forces us or when we are self-motivated and make special attempt to learn? Most of the delegates of PMPC are of the latter category. They make special effort to take time of their busy schedule to learn something which they would not have otherwise learned from their workplace. PMPC brings experts and leaders from different industry who brings different perspective on chosen topics. It is well understood that sometimes the best Ideas (in analogous areas) come from outside our industry. How resources are motivated and managed in Space industry might provide a great insight to the Project Managers of IT industry.

Agile Project Management techniques used in IT industry can be used for improving the enterprise agility of the automotive industry. I really appreciate and congratulate all the speakers and delegates for leveraging PMPC platform to share knowledge of their industry for the benefit of all of us. But you do NOT have to wait for next year’s Conference to share your knowledge? PM Essence, provides you an excellent platform to disseminate your immense knowledge and benefit your co-professionals from other industry. PM Essence, published monthly, both in print and digital version (in Chapter website) touches a vast segment of Project Managers. I would really encourage you to get in touch with us and share your knowledge to our PM community through Essence.




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