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Dear Friends,


The 12th edition of PMPC started with 3 pre-conference workshops called PM Enrich Masterclass.


Masterclass 1 : Every Problem is a Step towards the Future

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Mr. Peter de Jager, Speaker, Writer and Consultant, Technobility started his address in a very innovative way by giving a situation and asking audience to give a problem statement for same. With this exercise, he demonstrated, how different people react to the same “problem” in different way. He then explained that the first thing we all should do to solve problem is to understand what the problem is. He touched upon simple methodology of Givens, Operators & Goals. His example of 500 wine barrels helped audience to understand how to approach the problem solving. His insights on people and process issues along with myths of virtual teams were an eye opener for the audience.


Masterclass 2 : Continuous Integration and Delivery through DevOps

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Mr. Vishweshwar Hegde, PM Power Consulting, Principal Consultant and Mr. S. Sivaguru, PM Power Consulting, Principal Consultant and Practice Lead mentioned that Enterprises today face the challenge of rapidly changing competitive landscapes, evolving security requirements, and performance scalability. Enterprises must bridge the gap between operations stability and rapid feature development. On CI/CD through DevOps, their insights on CALMS approach was very interesting. During the workshop their activities on helium rod and Mobius slip was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. During Mobius slip activity they mentioned that a slight twist is required to implement DevOps, just like Mobius slip, to have a smooth flow. They discussed on 10 critical aspects of DevOps life cycle and explained these aspects can be tied together and are in line with PMBOK® knowledge areas.


Masterclass 3 (Part 1) : Enabling ecosystem for women professional through public policy networks associations and socio-cultural institutions

pme july 2017 21

Ms. Anita V. Nazare, Deputy Director, DSERT – Govt. of Karnataka spoke on multiple dimensions of women as well as ecosystem around them. She mentioned that the biggest hurdle is mindset of women themselves and the mindset of society. She encouraged women to set goals for themselves and remain focussed to achieve them. During Q&A she mentioned the organisation goal is achieved when we shall start looking at individuals without considering the gender but as a individuals. It must be similar to how we look at our son & daughter as our children and not as male or female.


Part 2 : Women – Partners in Managing the New World Order. Building your own coalition

pme july 2017 22

Dr. T.K. Anuradha, Outstanding Scientist, Programme Director – Space infrastructure for Geo platform, ISRO, started her discussion continuing the mood that was set by Ms. Anita. She firstly explained what world order is all about and how it has emerged since from world wars. She touched upon many “isms” and paradigm shifts of globalization and environment. In her talk she stressed on “adjustments” as key factor and as a new paradigm in current world order.


Part 3 : Eco System as an Enabler for increasing women Engagement

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Ms. K. Hemalatha, General Manager (Strategic Planning), BEL, Ms. Jyothi Bhat, Partner, Lawyers Guild, Dr. Kirti Malhotra, Professor & Head – Civil Engg and Construction Technology, Management departments, Ms. Sindhu Suhasini, Head – HR, Brillo participated in a panel discussion moderated by Lt.Col.(Retd.) L. Shri Harsha, Secretary & Treasurer, PMI Bangalore India Chapter. Modern Women dons various roles and each role demands her time and attention. The demands are often at conflict with each other. One of the panellist highlighted how the clarity of thoughts and compartmentalization of different tasks can be used to deal with such situation. It was also discussed that in the HR world there is a focus of grooming internal women talent rather than hunting outside. One of the panel member emphasized that “it is YOU (woman) who should introspect and find out what you want”.

Part 4 : A Fine Balance – Conversation on building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace

Ms. Nirmala Menon, Founder and CEO, Interweave Consulting Pvt. Ltd. started and mentioned, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative and it is all about gathering different ideas, experiences, skills, perspectives. The speaker also talked about how bias plays out at work, the common factors that trigger bias and how it impacts an organization. She concluded by saying “To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal”.

Women & Leadership – Choices, Chances, Challenges

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Ms. Nirmala Menon continued her next session saying this one is from her own learning and experience. She talked about many emotional points like how our mind is entrenched with prejudices and bias from years and this keeps on draining our energy. She also told that in our social environment “Powerful woman” as a tag is very difficult to digest for both men and women. She concluded her talk by saying we need to define success on your own terms, be it raising children, getting leadership roles or anything else. Her example of her personal experience during her MBA to decide what you don’t want was well applauded by audience.


Inauguration – Introduction to PMPC 2017

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PMPC 2017 started with rendering of a devotional song followed by the welcome address by Mr. Balakrishna K, VP – Membership Services, PMI Bangalore India Chapter. He welcomed the delegates for the 12th edition of PMPC. He emphasized the theme of Conference, “Architecting Project Management for a New World Order” and mentioned that radical changes in all the areas are affecting us in multiple ways. He also mentioned three dimensions which drives business in this new world order – Deliver More for Less, Digitization and Artificial Intelligence.

Inauguration & Welcome Address

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PMPC 2017 was inaugurated on an auspicious note by lighting the lamp. Mr. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds, Mr. Girish Kumar, Director, Bangalore Complex of Bharat Electronics Limited, Mr. I.V. Sharma, Chair of DAPSU (Defence, Aerospace, Space and PSU Forum), Mr. P.S. Somasundaram, Advisory Board Member, Engineering & Construction Forum and Mr. Basu Dutta, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter lighted the lamp.

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Mr. Basu Dutta, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter, welcomed the keynote speakers, delegates and introduced the chief guest of the Conference, Mr. Ashok Soota.


Entrepreneurship Simplified

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Mr. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds, started his session by asking a question to the audience as to how many would like to work in a startup in the near future? A majority of the delegates raised their hands. He set the tone with his thought, that we all want to be entrepreneurs and that is why it is important to understand it. In his session he touched upon multiple strategies e.g. Start-up strategy, scale-up strategy, marketing strategy etc. The kaleidoscope model and relating it to the steps required for entrepreneurship was excellent. He also gave example of Aadhaar project while discussing scale-up strategy that how Aadhaar being a platform helped attain scalability.


The Changing World – Seven Questions

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Mr. Peter de Jager, Speaker, Writer and Consultant, Technobility started his address saying Project Managers create the future. He added that the irony is, IT is number one industry responsible for making the change in world but also number one not in implementing change. He emphasised the secret of change to be ‘communicate, communicate and communicate but we often don’t know what to communicate’. He then touched upon seven key questions which should be asked when we talk about change but generally don’t get asked during change implementation. His example of British Navy and lemon juice change taking 200 years to implement delighted the audience.


Panel Discussion – Changing Paradigm in Customer Engagement in the New World Order

pme july 2017 27

The next event was an enriching panel discussion on changing paradigm in customer engagement. The panel discussed that the line between technology and business is blurring. Project Managers need to be expert in not only in one domain but in multiple domains. They argued that in the new world order, pay for performance is losing relevance. Companies now need to pay for capability. Some companies are now developing a new culture of incentivizing failures and as they often teach more valuable lessons for Project Managers like us.

Enabling project teams with radiant thinking

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This was one of the Technical Papers presented during the day. The presenter Mr. Maneesh Dutt, said any project success is a collective effort of the team and individual creativity. The individual intelligence can be aggregated to have a collective intelligence to get predictive outcomes. Creativity happens when both the left and right side of the brain works in synergy. The brain and radiant thinking can be done using Mind maps. Mind maps uses lot of radiant hierarchy and the colourful notations makes both our right and left brain work together. Curative collective mind maps is used for innovation goals. Mind map provides high level of engagement and reduces conflict.

Leading Successfully in Disruptive Times

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Mr. Raj Kalady, Managing Director, PMI India started his address by saying that disruption is not new- what is new is the rate of disruption. His example on UBER and how it is impacting the lifestyle was thought provoking. He articulated the story of a king and his minister asking grains in terms of where we are and its analogy with Moore’s law was interesting. He gave insights on influencing drivers for current disruptions such as IOT, Big Data etc. and rate at which it is getting bigger and bigger. His example on emerging cricketing techniques (new batting style) to adapt to the new T20 format and a short video connected very well with the audience. He concluded quoting David Ogilvy on how organisations can grow when you hire people better than yourselves.

Leveraging Technology For a Better Tomorrow

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Dr. K. Rama Murthy, Chief Mechanical Engineer, KSRTC started the session with a video on Mysuru “Mitra” project. It depicted how the smart tracking of public transportation buses in Mysuru helped in reducing late arrivals, no show at bus stop, and reduced over speeding there by making city of Mysuru more safe. He said the core strategies for this project were team work, detailed planing, documentation, comprehensive training program for drivers and availing services of professional consultants. He concluded the session by saying the plan is to implement similar system in Bengaluru in the near future.


PM Enlight

pme july 2017 31

Another highlight of the Conference was the PM Enlight session where Subject Matter Experts from four emerging areas mentored the delegates on their specific needs.

Competency Shift to Match the New World Order

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Dr. Moorthy K Uppaluri, Mentor & Coach, mentioned about multiple dimensions of disruptions i.e. technological, demographic, regulatory, and markets. He shared his views on what we need today beyond the traditional core competencies.


PM Poster : This year’s PMPC’s theme “Architecting Project Management for a new world order…” was very well received. On Day 1, PM Posters sessions were based on Innovative products theme and on Day 2, Poster sessions were based on start-up theme. The message these sessions conveyed was that the IT services market has reached saturation point, and growth in this field is going to be tough henceforth. The Indian IT sector needs to transform itself radically or it will perish. This needs ideas to create growth through innovative approach and the same also calls for start-ups to incubate ideas.

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 Delegate Experiences:


“Good job done by PMI Bangalore India Chapter.It’s not easy to conduct such an event.” – B Sudhakar, BEL,Hyderabad


“Could we have a common session on diversity so we can have more participation specially by the men.”- Nazanine Apte, Centurylink Technologies India Pvt Ltd


“Nice Organization and paper presentation.” – Dipanka Sarah, C-DOT