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PMPC 2017

PMPC 2017

Doing More With Less – an NGO Perspective

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Mr. Ramam Atmakuri, Executive Vice Chairman, LV Prasad Eye Institute, discussed on how LV Prasad Eye Institute is making a difference by taking care of the patients needing specialized eye care. He reasoned that because the patients are poor should not imply the patients be treated poorly. This institute treats patient not like a hospital but more like a clinic delivering personal care. He mentioned that the Institute values people who can contribute to its noble mission by contributing in any of the 3 T’s – Treasure, Talent and Time.

Future of Technology

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Prof. Pinkesh Shah, Founder, Institute of Product Leadership (IPL), India highlighted how the emerging technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing is changing the paradigm for Product Leaders.  During his talk he highlighted that  one of the primary responsibility of any Product Leader is to understand the value chain to asses  a new product opportunity, then set up the productizing process and execute its development.  Industry is now moving from managing projects to managing experiences. He highlighted while a Project Manager is keen on delivering ‘Project’, a Product Manager is keep on delivering ‘Delight’.

The Next Generation Engineering Execution

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Mr. Rajesh Babu K.C., highlighted safety is the most important point in Engineering Industry e.g. Self-Safety, Design Safety. He said seeing is believing so we need to see the whole picture and not a part of design to conclude what is the actual need. He mentioned that earlier we use to use crude ways to see the whole picture but now a days we have many tools available and emerged from year 1980 micro CAD to recent ones 2D to 3D drafting tools. He concluded saying see the problem and try to use the automation tools and take the result from them to resolve complex request.

Strategies to Transform Organizations for Agile Mind-set

Ms. Namita Gupta started session asking why we need transformation? She mentioned this is the need of the survival and gave examples of Kodak, Motorola. She mentioned about dimensions for transformation and also explained how Agile Basics are in line with same. Continuing the session, Mr. Arvind Arora added on how Agile will help and explained three main strategies for transformation i.e. Mindset Change, Competitive to collaborative approach and Partial Transformation Syndrome.

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Smart Technology to Build Smart India

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Mr. Nagesh Puttaswamy, Regional Head (Tech), UltraTech Cement Ltd., started his discussion on how the Technology enhancements has impacted the Construction Industry. His videos on Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation Embracement provided lots of excitement to the audience. It was quite startling to know that construction projects which were taking quite long, now can be done very quickly by embracing the New World Order Technological Support.

Valedictory Address – Architecting Infrastructure Projects in the New World Order.

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Prof. G. Raghuram, Director, IIM Bangalore, highlighted the challenges in Infrastructure Projects. He explained how Quality Infrastructure is essential for India’s Economic Growth. His examples of different projects across India like Delhi Metro etc. was quite interesting to relate with. He also touched upon need of Project Management, New Technologies to run Infrastructure Projects in efficient manner so that cost and time overruns can be minimized.

Conference Closure

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Lt.Col. (Retd.) L. Shri Harsha, Secretary & Treasurer, PMI Bangalore India Chapter gave the closing address by Thanking all the Eminent Speakers, Delegates, Chapter Board Members and Volunteers. He gave a token of thanks to all the organizing committee members to formally close the Conference for this year. He promised to meet again during the next year’s Conference.