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1st Anniversary of E&C PM Footprints

1st Anniversary of E&C PM Footprints

The 1st Anniversary of E&C PM Footprints was conducted by PMI Bangalore India Chapter on 26th August. On this special occasion, industry thought leaders from E&C participated and spoke about the future of construction industry, emerging trends and technologies. The keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Nejeeb Khan, Founder & Managing Director of KGD Architecture.

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He informed that the construction industry is the 3rd largest industry in our country and the 2nd highest contributor to our GDP. He spoke on innovations & new age construction technologies and also emphasized on the need to innovate architectural design. He supported the idea of mid rise buildings over the high rise buildings in India with more focus on eco friendly approach. He expressed concern on the exploding population and the challenges for the construction industry to build houses for all of them. He explained about the various challenges faced by the construction and engineering industry viz., bringing professionalism in the construction industry, single window clearance for construction projects & environment friendly construction using green architecture. He described the latest innovative construction technologies like Light gauge steel constructions, 3D printing,

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Timber wood, etc. He also shared his vision about a futuristic self sustaining construction idea which would decentralize and reduce the dependencies on external factors.

Mr. Vineet Sharma, Regional Head – AEC, Auto Desk, delivered a speech on Trend Setter Technologies in Construction. He shared his thoughts on emerging challenges in the construction industry from Urbanization to Globalization and digitalization. He informed the forum about the drawbacks in the current analog mode in the construction industry and weighed the benefits of switching over to digital mode. Technological spend in the construction industry is 1.2% of investment compared to manufacturing industry at 3.3% of investment. The move to digital will save a lot of dollars annually. He stressed upon the construction industry to follow BIM (Building Information modelling) where intelligent information is shared during the entire project life cycle. He highlighted the emerging trends in the technology that will be game changers for the construction industry. The new technologies that will address challenges in the E&C industry will be high definition survey, digital collaboration, industrialization of construction industry, IOT & Machine learning.

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Panel Discussion – Prepare to Embrace Disruptive Changes

Mr. Anil Muthalik – VP Projects, Bharthiya City Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Harish M V– COO, Projects & Development Services, Jones Lang Lasalle

Mr. S J Vijay– Chairman, Salmon Leap Associates India Pvt. Ltd.

Hosted by Mr. Vijay Pandey, Chief Consulting Officer, Management Consulting Services

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The discussion mainly revolved around embracing the changes in technology, safety and skill set of the workforce. Latest technologies used in the construction industry like BIM, 3D monolithic precasting and its advantages were discussed in detail. There was a special emphasis on cutting down the construction cost, adhering to the timelines and making construction affordable. There was a mention about the need to have good governance which will take a long way in helping the construction industry in many ways. The entire panel appreciated PMI Bangalore Chapter for having organized this event where knowledge & experiences are shared to help one another and foresee the disruptive changes in the construction industry and prepare for it. The panel also discussed about the evolving role of the Project Managers in the construction industry and emphasized the need for specialization in Project Management.

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