PMI Bangalore Chapter

Member’s Speak October 2017

Member’s Speak

• Educational events hosted and facilitated by PMI Bangalore chapter keeps us updated with latest trends – Mz. Jayashree Srinivasan,Sr. Engineering Program Manager, Ex. Sun Micro Systems

• Bangalore Project management Chapter gives us an opportunity to learn, also assists in PMP certification, hence I joined the Chapter – Manendra Jain, Program Manager, Honey Well

• There are an ocean of opportunities available once you become Bangalore chapter member. I would love to volunteer in their activities to learn and grow – Mrs. Yavanthi Shivakumar, Delivery Head, iPrimtus

• Immense learning opportunities, and particularly w.r.t to networking, this is chapter you need to be associated with – Mrs. Ramya M, Program Manager SAP

• Best place to be associated with, in case you are pursing to take PMP – Keerthi Vasan G, Project Manager, IBM

• I want to build career around Project Management, and be an SME in Project Management – Mrs. Chandni Sharma, Project Manager, Accenture

Meet PMI Bangalore India Chapter New Board
Please find the board members including 5 new board members who got inducted during September 2017.

pme Oct 201724.jpg

From top left in clockwise :
Professional Development: Balakrishna Kasibatla
Special Programs: Tanish Mathur
Projects & Initiatives: Sekar Parasuraman
Marketing & Communications: Praveen Jangira
Membership: Muktesh Murthy
Secretary and Treasurer: Col. (Retd.) L Sriharsha
Technology: Ramesh Pathak
Volunteering: Sachin Sood
Corporate Relationship: P S Ravindranath
Quality: Raghunatha K
Immediate Past President: Vijay Paul
President: Basu Dutta
Outreach: T V Sesha Sai