Membership Services


Membership Services

Membership is being part of the world’s leading community of project, program and portfolio professionals.


PMI membership powers your career by giving you an edge that highlights your dedication to employers, colleagues and the community. It provides access to knowledge, networks and resources that help you improve and advance.

PMI Membership Gives you an Edge:

  1. Benefits of Membership

    In a competitive global economy, project managers can’t go it alone. PMI membership gives you the tools and support you need to make your mark on the profession.

  2. Networking

    PMI Bangalore India Chapter provides local connection to the global PMI community. PMI members are sharing ideas and building relationships at PMI Bangalore India chapter events. Join your fellow project professionals and get in on the action! 

  3. Volunteering

    Volunteers help shape the Institute and the profession. If you’d like to give your time to influence peers while honing your technical skills, leadership and other soft skills, PMIs easy-to-use Volunteer Relationship Management System can help make it happen. You can also connect with the chapter Board of Directors and know more about the volunteer opportunities.

Member Services section keep you updated on open position for Board of Directors and also on the Annual Members Meet. This area is specific to Chapter members.