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Editor’s Note December 2017

EditorEditor’s Note


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Ivanka Trump arrived in India, leading the U.S. delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad from November 28 to 30. Hyderabad was in a flurry of activities – street corners were being decorated with flower pots, trees were being painted pink, and generally everything was being wrapped up and tied with a bow. Focus was on attendees and menu at the Faluknama Palace dinner. The one question on everyone’s mind was why Ivanka is coming, and what good, if any, it would do to the Indian entrepreneurs.

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This is not so different from what we face in projects. We receive a deluge of information (incl. emails) every day from different parties. Some important, some urgent, some neither, and some just cursorily copied to you. Apart from the emails, there would be constant interactions such as requests for software, hardware, permissions, access rights, budget, travel, and many more. How much of it can be disregarded and how much should be codified as knowledge? What can be the key take away from such information – both solicited and unsolicited?

A simple trick is to ask yourself a few questions: how this information might relate to my project objectives, does it help me complete my project within the cost, schedule and scope limitations I am working with, and, does it impact me, my project or my team in a positive or negative way? Identifying the contextual relevance of the information would determine our reaction to and take away from it. While no guide is available to suggest how much information is useful, a review with right stakeholders would certainly help.

The Knowledge Management section of PMBoK, Sixth Edition explains how knowledge can be used during and after the project by proper storage and retrieval policies. Knowledge management tools and techniques help people to create, share and integrate new and tacit knowledge. Information management tools and techniques, on the other hand, are used to create and connect people to information.

The relevance of the information and our response can be measured by using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, or the Urgent-Important matrix. Segregating the information and doing this little chart for the workday might help the Project Managers to make effective use of limited time.

Everything that we see or every event that occurs provides a barrage of information. This is the fantastic opportunity for Project Managers (PM) like us to learn, assimilate and leverage the knowledge generated using the tenets of knowledge management section of PMBOK. For those PM’s advocating diversity, Ivanka’s visit would help them appreciate US’s commitment to women empowerment. For PM’s who have “Business on their mind”, this visit would help them inspire innovators, create new initiatives, and foster lasting partnerships with US business houses.

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Soumen De, PMP

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