PM Open Space


PM Open Space

The PM Open Space on 13th October 2017 was organized at SAP Labs, Whitefield.

The session started with a welcome speech by Mr. Rajnish Prasad. He started with an example of ideal Project Management in construction of the new building where the session was taking place and set the context for the speech from Mr. Girish Kumar. It was completed 6 months ahead and put operational 3 months ahead of the schedule. Next he discussed about a very common question which everyone has –“Can I do it?” Some PMs say while talking to the client – let me check with my managers and come back. He advised the young Project Managers to show some leadership skills and use authority to make decisions in such cases. Leadership is not about title but about the action he takes.

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Mr. Girish Kumar, Director – Bengaluru complex, BEL, presented on the topic “Leading Effortlessely”. He explained that “Effortless” means a situation where the ability acquired far exceeds the skill required to handle the job. The joy of achieving goal energizes you. Also, you expend energy while doing work, running around. In this case, when energy generation exceeds consumption there is an energy surplus. A true leader exhibits that energy.

Leaders are required for many reasons – to avoid chaos, to move things, as an anchor, to restore the integrity of the society. How it works? Mr. Girish gave an example of Master Weaver takes normal cotton and converts in cloth, leader takes ordinary people and converts them into most powerful people.

Like Mahatma Gandhi led the people in Dandi March. Leadership is this capability which converts ordinary to extraordinary.

He talked about how a good team is created by processing the collection of people. Processing means being unified, having sense of mission etc. Master Weaver processes them before combining, after they are evolved then combine them and this gives you a “great team”. Leadership is about influencing people for a purpose. So this is how the process of leadership goes on – helping people evolve, combining and aligning them, energizing and synergizing them for a cause or mission. Leaders are never traders, they believe in principal of giving, not receiving. When you give liberally you will get liberally. A very simple example of this is – Just give ½ kg wheat to mother earth and it will return multiple folds of it.

Mr. Girish presented the 4 basic constituents of leadership – Integrity, Guiding Vision, Maturity and Passion. How the leaders are created? Mahatma Gandhi was not a born leader. The day there is guiding vision and passion, one becomes a leader. The first constituent, Integrity is congruence of thoughts, words and action. When you think something, say something and do something else, you start losing integrity. The difference between honesty and integrity is – when words confirm to truth, you are honest but when reality confirms to words, this is integrity. Honesty is subset of integrity. If integrity is there, nothing else is required. Integrity is the basis of trust. If you are trusted by people, they will follow you. If the integrity of leader is low, bond is not so strong.

He gave simplest definition of leadership – “leadership provides link between goal and people”. Leader provides connectivity. The goal should be corrected and should be guiding vision which is the second important thing after integrity.

Third constituent is Maturity – leader has to understand that one step taken by him leads to thousand steps ahead. So have the maturity before you take the first step. When Chaura-Chauri happened, Mahatma Gandhi realized that my people are not ready and he took the step back.

Fourth constituent is Passion – it is about energy and giving hope to others. If you are passionate then you energize people and before that to yourself. Inspire yourself and then inspire others. All others will follow if above 4 constituents are secured. All of them play very important role in choosing the right goal.

He explained about Tree of Leadership – where at root there is integrity and discipline, trunk is “joy of giving”, hope are the branches and confidence and self -esteem are fruits and flowers. For higher order leadership we need – Values, Ethics and Principles. Value is your feeling level disposition, it is internal to you and you choose yourself. It underpins your choice of goals. And Ethics are expression of those values. While Principles are external to you – it means exactness and consistency. Life is governed by principle and not you govern the principle. He ended the speech with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”