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Editor’s Note January 2018

Editor 2018Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Wish you All Very Happy New Year !!

New Year comes with a season of resolutions where some of the resolutions fade away the very first day and some are backed with commitment and continues for a long run. Self-resolutions with commitment are not less than a project for which you need to develop a fusion or hybrid of both predictive and adaptive approaches. The outcomes and results are something which keeps the resolutions alive.

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For professionals like us, the resolution of investing on self-development is out most important. In our work life, we get so buried under project deadlines and office work that self is the last thing we focus on. Acquiring credentials and certifications is one such long pending bit many of us plan for and don’t get it. This new year 2018, can be an excuse to take a resolution to work for self. Professionals who are planning for certifications in the field of Project Management can be ensured of its ROI already because according to PMI’s Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap report, 22 million new project-oriented jobs will be created between 2017 and 2027.

By 2027, 87.7 million professionals will be working in Project Management role out of which 22.2 million will be newly filled. India alone is going to contribute 0.7 million of it. Exciting times are in store when India is going to be one of the 5 hot spots countries for Project Management opportunities.

Another interesting bit about the report is certified PMPs are surveyed to earn 23% more than non-certified professional. Thinking logically in an outcome oriented approach, ROI is definitely convincing and lucrative. Value driven industry today will not sound convinced without such data points. After all agile way of evaluating the outcomes is in the blood today. That’s the reason even PMBOK® Guide to Project Management Body of knowledge has released its sixth edition focusing on agile approaches in Project Management.

Commitment driven resolutions and self-drive to take it forward is only mantra. Tomorrow or later are the words of yester years. Dynamic market of today will not give you any special opportunity to take out time for personal aspiration. Its you who have to plan and take your time out for it.

Let’s all of us do a resolution (if not done yet) to invest both time and money on self. This doesn’t only call for professional self-development but personal as well. Investing/spending time and money on self in terms of good health, work life balance, professional development and doing at least one thing we are passionate about in 2018. Simple trick to do so is, write chit/s of your resolution and put it in a jar. Take out the chit when the resolution is completed. Keep the jar in front of you unless it become empty. Do small bits daily to realize your resolution and stop only when you see your jar empty.

Hope to see all the jars empty as early as possible in 2018 !!!

Thanks and Best Wishes 

Tanish Mathur, PMP, PMI-ACP

Happy Reading.

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