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Editor’s Note June 2018

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Editor 2018

I welcome you all to the new regime of Project Management and governance as the new government is sworn in the state of Karnataka.

The last couple of months were exciting and interesting as all eyes were on the Karnataka elections and a lot was at stake on many frontiers. The climax was never ending as fortune turned sides pretty swiftly and people at large seemed to understand how Kingmakers can sometimes become Kings. 

In a city like Bengaluru which is ever gasping for space, and infrastructure issues are always on top of people’s mind, it will be difficult for the new government to cope up with the ever increasing challenges. Epic infrastructure projects like Metro takes heavy toll on the general population and slippages in time always reminds us of a strong project management execution supported by all stakeholders.

As allies struggle to coexist in the newly formed government it is experience and lessons learned from previous incidents that will help quicken the pace in various projects.

Multiple stakeholders, in conflicting situations, each having a different level of interest makes decision making a key challenge. Sounds familiar?

As India is transforming to a brighter spot in global economic scene; Karnataka’s contribution cannot be neglected as the state has the reputation of nurturing tech start-ups and providing a conducive environment to live up to your dreams of entrepreneurship. Ease of doing business will be one of the factors which the new government has to keep a watch on keeping in mind the strong competition from the neighbouring states in attracting business investments.    

Though Karnataka is the third fastest growing state with strong economic fundamentals, the immediate challenges for the new government ranges from agrarian issues to infrastructure development. Karnataka is also one of the states that boasts of computerization and automation in most of the government services. However, the ability to keep corruption at bay has always been suspected.

The industrial and economic ecosystem of Karnataka is quite heterogeneous where both private and public enterprises co-exist, flourish, and provide a flurry of opportunities by all means in terms of employment, tax and revenue for the government. The new government has to keep the momentum on with both urban and rural development giving equal impetus to both.

Reflecting on the times ahead, people of Karnataka are looking for better governance and policy makers in the new government have to put a framework in place which focuses on time-bound delivery and execution.

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As we are gearing up for Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC-2018), I welcome you all to join us at conference which will be held at Nimhans Convention Centre from July 12th to 14th. This year’s conference theme is “Architecting Project Management for Value Creation”.

Thanks and Best Wishes

Tanish Mathur, PMP, PMI-ACP