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We welcome all new members and thank members who have renewed their membership in May 2018.

Appended is the list of a few FREE web-based seminars (webinars) for June 2018, we have shared same list to your registered email; this is a good opportunity to earn PDUs and claim at PMI to maintain your credentials.

1 06-Jun-18 09:30AM How an Award-Winning Project Stopped Nuclear Waste from Threatening the Environment
2 13-Jun-18 06:30 pm – 02.30 am
  1. Keynote: Project Manage Your Professional Career and Prepare Yourself for Your Future Challenges – Presented by Olivier Lazar.
  2. Session 1: Preparing Project Managers in Driving Industry Innovation through Digital Transformation – Presented by Christopher Bolick 3.
  3. Session 2: Cyber Security is Not Just for the Big Boys and Girls – Presented by Jim Smith & Rudy Watson
  4. Session 3: Are Project Managers Ready for an AI Takeover? Presented by Oliver Yarbrough
  5. Session 4: Drones! Coming to a Project Near You! – Presented by Kevin Coleman
  6. Session 5: Under the Hood of Blockchain – Beyond The Basics – Presented by Tareq Shaheen.
3 15-June-18 05:30 pm Identifying and Developing Future Leaders
4 15-Jun-18 09:30 pm Collaboration Tools for Project Managers: How to Choose, Get Started and Collaborate with Technology
5 19-Jun-18 10:30 pm Running Successful Projects is Like Conducting an Orchestra: Six Things Symphony Music Directors Know About Project Management Leadership
6 21-Jun-18 11:30 pm Managing Uncertainty in Megaprojects
7 22-Jun-18 12:30 am Project HEADWAY: Why Does Technology Get In The Way?
8 27-Jun-18 02:30 am Creative Leadership Thinking for Innovative Inspiring Performances

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