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Did you know?

Did you know?

Q : This is a chip that can reverse paralysis.

A :Remember paraplegic Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men moving things with his brain and even freezing everyone in a room? Well, if Grégoire Courtine has his way, then Prof. Xavier might even be able to stand up and walk, with his brain faculties still intact. The French neuroscientist and his team at the research center for neurotechnologies in Geneva are trying to prove that brain impulses can be transmitted to the spinal column, allowing a paraplegic to move their muscles. They demonstrated this on a monkey with a paralyzed right leg by using a chip with fine electrodes to read brain impulses and then transmit the thoughts from the brain to the damaged spinal cord through a brain-neural implant, allowing it to walk again. This “neural bypass”, as they are calling it, would be useful for both humans and primates.

The technology is still not ready for commercial production, but it shouldn’t be too long before humans start testing the system.

[Source – Internet]

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