My Volunteering Experience

My Volunteering Experience

– Raju D Dhole

I have been a PMI volunteer for past 4 years. I was mostly involved in online activities like review of content, review of papers, review of awards till beginning of 2018.

Early 2018, I had discussions with multiple volunteers and tried to understand if I can get involved in activities where I would get to interact with other volunteers and meet people face to face during events. As I was having discussions, I got an opportunity to volunteer for PMI Bangalore Chapter monthly newsletter PM Essence.

Volunteering for PM Essence has given me an opportunity to get an insight into a broad horizon of activities, meet people with varying experience and backgrounds. It has certainly given me an opportunity to interact with my contacts whom I would generally not interact regularly.

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Volunteering for PM Essence Newsletter also broadened my understanding of various areas of Project Management. The topics that are covered in PM Essence cover broad range of subjects in varying depths. Focus is also on current events and activities. By participating as a volunteer in PM Essence activities, I have been able to enrich my understanding of current events and latest happening in Project Management world. Proof reading the content month on month and getting the newsletter printed & published end of it is a very satisfying volunteer experience.

Volunteering has been an exciting journey so far. I am looking forward to continue and contribute more in months and years to come. As it says “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”. Time is automatically squeezed when your heart is in and you wish to contribute to make a difference.