PMI Educational Foundation – (PMIef)

PMI Educational Foundation – (PMIef)

PMI Bangalore India Chapter recently concluded 13th Annual Project Management Conference in Bengaluru. The focus of the conference this year was on “Value Creation”. PMPC 2018 brought various thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals during the conference to discuss strategies to transform organizations, jointly visualize future technologies along with leadership alignment required to sustain which in turn brings value for the Business and to the individual.

A well planned, well organized and a well-structured Project Management conference attended by more than 700 delegates from various industries.

There was also a stall for PMIef this year. PMIef’s core belief is “that Project Management education increases people’s potential to transform lives and communities”


Mission is to inspire and empower people to realize their potential and transform their lives and their communities through the use of Project Management knowledge

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All people worldwide have a better tomorrow by applying Project Management skills in their daily lives.

At the stall, PMI Bangalore India Chapter got the opportunity to explain about the mission and vision of PMIef to the delegates. Along with mission and vision we also explained how PMIef volunteers can help propagate Project Management education in schools, colleges, and corporates which will add value by transforming the way an organization works.

Volunteers explained various initiatives which PMIef has taken so far to spread the knowledge in rural areas (in association with Pune chapter), various workshops that has conducted to raise awareness about Project Management etc.

More details about PMIef is available at this website:

PMIef is a great platform for individuals to get connected and help society learn about better ways to manage and execute work.

It was pleasure meeting Mr. Chandra during the conference from PMIef team who shared lot of insights about the initiatives and programs conducted by PMIef team across the nation.

Looking forward and request everyone to get connected and get involved in mission towards bringing in the change for the society.