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PM Open Space event at SAP Labs, Bengaluru

Contributed by – Vidhya Muralidharan

The PM Open Space has been a wonderful success from the past 3 years supported by the 4 sponsoring organisations; SAP, ABB, Huawei and HP, spearheaded by the PMI Bangalore chapter. It has been a very interesting platform for project management professionals in the Whitefield area to come together, learn and network. This initiative which was meant to localise the PMI Bangalore chapter’s offering has been extremely advantageous for the folks working in this part of Bangalore as it helps them attend the same without having to face the traffic woes in the city.

The session for Q3 2018 was held at the SAP Labs Campus in Whitefield, Bangalore. Over 150 Participants from 65+ different organizations came down to attend the session. The speaker who enthralled the audience was Mr. Joy Bhattacharya.

PM Open Space 1

His profile speaks volumes about his outstanding professional background. He is an applied mathematician and a computer engineer who has been changing the face of sports in India. An orator, a writer, a quiz master and a sports producer with more than 25 years of adventures in the world of Indian sports and media. He has worked with ESPN Star Sports as head of South Asia production operations. He served as the Head of Programming for both the History Channel and National Geographic Channel. He has been a part of the Indian Premier League since its inception in 2008 and was the team director of Kolkata Knight Riders. He has been instrumental in delivering one of the most successful FIFA junior events in history (Under-17 World Cup) as project director of the local organizing committee. He is currently serving as the CEO of professional Volleyball league, Baseline venture India Pvt. Ltd.

His enthusiasm and passion came across very well when he talked about The FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 journey: Challenges of hosting a global sporting event. He took the audience through his journey from being picked for the task, preparation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, efficiency gaining, people management and closure with a futuristic view of what is next. It was very evident from his talk that putting together such an event with global visibility involved extremely varied stakeholders including several forms of local and international bodies. Tackling all these together and the conflicts that had to be resolved were an eye opener for many in the audience.

PM Open Space 2

He talked about the detailed planning that was required from the setting up of restrooms to the examining of the playground. He concluded his talk with a futuristic vision of how they are currently driving India to encourage children to play football by approaching schools. The remarkable clarity in the goal and vision seemed to have made the planning and execution exemplary putting India on the map of world football.

His talk ended with 30 minutes of Q&A. Joy answered every question with patience and passion. The project professionals had an opportunity to network with the speaker over some tea and snacks and of course a lot of them managed several selfies with him!

The feedback received for the session has been overwhelming with positive responses motivating us to do more. We look forward for many more such knowledgeable and inspiring sessions in the months to come.