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What Do Opportunities @ Work Mean

What Do Opportunities @ Work Mean

– Rama Vasudevan

Opportunities at work might mean many things to many people, such as:

  • Extraordinary learning opportunity
  • Professional growth
  • Personal growth
  • Interacting and working with people as a team
  • Becoming a subject-matter-expert in almost all or most of the things that you do
  • Becoming one of the go-to-troubleshooters for your peers and colleagues
  • Being part of the excitement and buzz of a moonshot project
  • A widening circle of friends and well-wishers
  • And many more . . .

In this article, let’s see what these opportunities mean to you as a person. If you are asking what they mean professionally, well, you are the best judge – you know where you are, where you want to go, and what you are willing to settle for. In my opinion, the wonderful choices and the wise trade-offs that we make, often play a major role in our onward journey.

Opportunities can come your way in many ways:

  • From your boss, boss’s boss, and/or someone who’s in a leadership position
  • From your peers and acquaintances
  • From yourself
  • And so on . . .

Almost all these opportunities can be a beautiful combination of challenges and learning opportunities. At times, we just might have to raise ourselves up to the challenge that an opportunity might pose

When your boss directs an opportunity your way, it can mean one or more of the following:

opportunity article

  • You are capable enough to deliver the task in flying colors
  • You are the only one who has any bandwidth/ability to complete the task on time
  • An opportunity to broaden your horizons

Note: Whatever the reasons might be, it’s worth noting that your boss/the management is setting you up for success.

If you ask me, one of the hardest things to come by is acceptance and respect from your peers. So, when they decide to collaborate with you to troubleshoot or to realize their ideas, it might mean:

  • You are knowledgeable/have the expertise
  • You are approachable, which is one of the key traits in any successful team effort
  • You are fun to work with

Note: When you are there for people, they are there for you too, in amazing ways., The approach of “We’re all in this together”  is indeed magical. Your peers become your friends, your well-wishers – making you attempt things that were beyond your imagination earlier.

Opportunities that you create on your own are a little different – no one asked you to pursue any of those opportunities, solutions, or ideas – but you still do because you believe in them. If they are good enough, you might find your initiatives going places! I know you had been there too – maybe a few times, maybe multiple times – and isn’t that an amazing feeling!

Note: I can understand how it feels to be at the top of the world – that said, though the seed of a magnificent idea might all be yours, it’s often the time/inputs/help of wonderful people that make you realize those very dreams.

The opportunities that you create might mean:

  • You are resourceful
  • You are courageous to take risks that are worth a shot. You start to view that failures are one of the best learning places.
  • You have it in you to look at a broader picture


Though opportunities can be a chore at times, often they bring in much joy, a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, long-term friendships, and so much more. To quote Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, stay foolish” to direct more of all these wonderful things, your way!