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Editor’s Note January 2019

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Editor 2018

Welcome to this very interesting edition of PM Essence with “Emerging Technologies” theme. It’s exciting as well as scary when you are at your workplace and hear all new fancy tech words being quoted by colleagues. World is emerging and so are we. If we want ourselves to be valid in this lot of professionals, we need to always up to the Emerging Technologies. I was reading an interesting article to understand what the hot technologies in market are for 2019 and I got a list ranging from Augmented Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Smart spaces, Digital privacy, Quantum Computing and list goes on and on. My very thought of this view as compared to view may be 5 years back was completely different. The technologies which are now focused were not in frame in very recent past. This concludes that “Change is the only constant thing” in this world.

Being agile, adapting to the changing world and adopting emerging technologies is no more a choice. The important question to answer as Project Management professional is, Will this really make a difference for a Project or Program Manager to have this knowledge as end of the day Management is same for any project?

You as a Project Management professional you will always be able to make sense if you are aware of the tech behind your project. It will open an altogether new world of opportunities for any professional irrespective of  whether you are in Management or not. As we are moving towards agility, world is looking at professionals ready to deliver. We can’t get on to a project of Block chain and start learning about Block chain. A very simple example from an eye of a recruiter, if the recruiter is having two profiles for a Program Management role, one with an excellent Program Management skills and other with Program management skills and having experience of technologies one is recruiting for. I am sure we all know the preference in terms of getting to that point of shortlisting.

Two important points to consider when we are discussing about emerging technologies are, first these are going to add niche in your profile and to survive in this market, being up to date is mandatory, second, today’s emerging tech may not be tomorrow’s emerging or in demand technology. Constant upgrade is the key for professionals for a successful career. This wasn’t the case few decades back and people were managing with same skill set for a long time however this is 2019 and being relevant in today’s world is interesting demanding and definitely not so easy.

I wish all the readers a very successful learning journey for a bright and “emerging” career. Keep learning and keep rocking the world!!

Thanks and Best Wishes

Tanish Mathur, PMP, PMI-ACP