PM Tips

PM Tips 

1. Trust Members Of Your Team To Decide How They Work Best 

Stop imposing process and overhead that prevents teams from being productive. Leaders should hire great talent, challenge them with an inspiring vision and then let teams decide on the tasks to best accomplish. “Give people slightly more trust, freedom and authority than you are comfortable giving them. If you’re not nervous, you haven’t given them enough”. 

– Mike Weaver, Monsanto   

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2. Choose The Most Important Thing For Employees To Focus On

Daily stand-ups are great to help share info but also for making sure that people rank the most important thing. If they have too many tasks, then they can’t be working on them all equally. The length of the list is just as useful as the top item on the list. Things in the middle of a long list are not likely to move forward and give an illusion of progress because of constant status updates.

– Joshua Greenough, InfoScout  


PMI Bangalore India Chapter Volunteering Opportunities

Did you know that you could earn PDUs by volunteering your time with the chapter? There are always several positions that could interest you. You get to work with the sharpest minds in the industry. You get to experience the joy of giving. You also learn and develop skills that you may not develop in your regular work life. Interested?

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