PM Quiz

PM Quiz :

Compiled by Himadri Sekhar Chowdhury


  1. How is Analogous Cost Estimation performed? 
  2. For Benchmarking, do you need to consider projects from the same application area? 
  3. How are external resources obtained for a project? 
  4. What is the benefit of the Sequence Activities process? 
  5. What are the three scenarios considered in Three-Point Estimation?


  1. Analogous Cost Estimation is Performed using values, or attributes. of a preious project that are similar to the current project.

  2. No, Benchmarked projects may exist within the same or other application area.

  3. External resources are acquired through procurement processes.

  4. It defines the logical sequence of work to obtain the greatest efficiency given all project constraints.

  5. Most likely, Optimistic and Pessimistic.