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Chapter News May 2019

Chapter News

Arun Malavalli 

Details of various activities held by the Chapter during the month of April 2019 are as follows:

E&C PM Footprints: th E&C PM Footprints was held on 20 April 2019.   Mr. Srihari Gummalam spoke on “Project Risk Management in an industry scenario” and  Mr. Nittala Krishnamohan spoke on “360 Degree Project Manager – what and how !!”.

EC FP Srihari Gummalam Apr 20 DSC 0015

EC FP Nittala Kirshnamohan Apr 20 DSC 0031

PM Footprints: PM Footprints was held on th27 April 2019. Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy spoke on “Future of Project Management” and Ms. Vidhya M, spoke on “People Engagement for Project Success”.

PMFP 27th April Shankar Ramamoorthy

PMFP 27th Apr Vidhya M

A One day Workshop on Business Analysis was thconducted on 13 April 2019. It was facilitated by Mr. Raja Kumar Sharma & Mr. Anand Lokhande. 15 People participated.

PMP QUEST: 4 Day PMP QUEST & 1 Day PMBOK 6 Bridge program was held during the month.

Why is it that taps don’t have this important feature? Because the humble water tap was originally designed during the Roman Civilization and the designs have been with us since then with incremental improvements. Even today, the designers of water taps don’t consider conserving water as a customer need that the design should address, because this need is not explicitly stated and hence bottom of the iceberg. I don’t believe any one of us have raised an issue with any water supply/facilities teams to make the taps to show consumption. In other words, a Performance Undersupply has become an accepted feature of the system. Our work shows that it is these types of Performance Undersupply opportunities, that are accepted features, give rise to transformations.

To reinforce the point we are making, let us look at a digital technology example – Uber. Before Uber, we were all used to, standing in the corner of a street to hail a taxi cab. Though it didn’t work that effectively especially during peak times, none of us still complained to the taxi administration or the local government about this issue. That means this bottom of the iceberg Performance Undersupply which has existed for a long time had become an accepted feature.

Uber’s breakthrough innovation solved this problem and that is why it is considered a world-changing digital transformation.

In the age of Digital, customer needs have advanced far ahead of organizations’ ability to address them. This leaves every organization with an almost infinite number of Performance Undersupply opportunities. However, because these are bottom of the iceberg and not easily identified, we need a new set of techniques to find them. I am happy to say that we in Tiny Magiq have developed a set of methods, and the early results from our work with customers is quite encouraging.