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PM Tips 

1. Make Sure Employees Are Working On The Right Tasks

Unless employees are busy doing the right tasks, the business will suffer. Let intelligent data drive the framework, determining what each employee should focus on to achieve specific tasks.

– Manish Sood, Reltio


2. Directly Align Tasks And Performance With Company Goals

Make sure everyone is aligned with the organization’s critical objectives with specific, individual performance goals paired with measurable outcomes. Tie the individual contributors’ performance directly to the organization’s goals with frequent progress reviews. This will naturally motivate your team to keep its eye on the ball and to avoid tasks that do not contribute to overall success.

– Kevin Vliet, Target Corporation

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PM Tips – Contributed by Raju D Dhole, PMP


Preview of upcoming PM OPEN SPACE EVENT

Engage. Enrich. Enlighten.

SadagopanPM Open Space is the initiative and brain child of PM Practitioners started in 2016 by PMI Bangalore Chapter with collaboration, sponsorship and active involvement from like-minded corporates – ABB, HPE, Huawei Technologies and SAP Labs India, in which, proven achievers share their success story and details of contributing factors in addition to detailing accomplishments working in Global markets.

Here is the preview of upcoming PM OPEN SPACE EVENT

Speaker: Prof. S. Sadagopan Professor and Director (President), IIIT, Bangalore

IIIT’s represent a set of new universities started in 90s in India with special focus on IT with IIIT- Bangalore as one of the first such institutes. Started in 1999, it started functioning at ITPL for the first four years before relocating to its present campus in Electronics City. As the founding Director, Prof Sadagopan is involved in visioning, planning and executing the growth of this institute for the last twenty years and which is now counted as one of the premier institutes in India.

When & Where : Wednesday June 12th, 2019 – 1400 Hrs to 1600 Hrs IST ABB Ability Innovation Centre, Bhoruka Tech Park, Whitefield Main Road.

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